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Why We Love Blogging and Why You Should Care (Plus 3 Tips)

Blogging is one of those interesting things that people are either really into and understand how it can boost your online business or they think it’s totally pointless.

There is no in-between.

That’s why so many people love to ask if blogging is a waste of time.

And the truth is that blogging is whatever you make it. While people don’t really blog for fun anymore (they’ve turned to social media for that) there was a time when blogging was only viewed as a hobby.

But with how people consume content today and are constantly looking for information, blogging has become an important aspect of building an Infinite Business.

Can’t you just use social media though and get the same results?

Kind of.

The problem with social media is that you have to constantly feed the beast. If you disappear for a couple of days, weeks, or months from social media, you all but disappear on the platform.

This is why so many people experience burnout when their main focus is social media. They know they have to continue to show up or the beast gets angry.

What makes blogging different is that once you get your blog established and start to receive search engine traffic via SEO, you can disappear for a bit and people will still come to you.

But this is also the big problem with blogging. It can take a while to see results and it’s hard to tell if you’re on the right path or not. It’s hard to create a successful blog overnight.

So most people quit because in the short-term you can get traffic to your site from social media starting today. You might not get traffic from blogging until 3 months from now.

This begs the question should you really care about blogging?

Blogging can be a great way to build an online business.

Getting Noticed Is Hard

Back in 2016, we had an idea for a business, but we had no presence online. The easiest thing to do would’ve been to go on social media and try to establish our authority.

It makes plenty of sense to do that, but we started with a blog.


Because it’s a lot easier to establish authority on your own site. So we created a ton of blog posts and then started to link them through social media.

Instead of people taking our word as experts on social media, they got to read blog posts that had more context. This helped them to understand our worldviews and form an idea if we were aligned.

This built a stronger audience over time and because others saw the content that we were creating they would link to it and share it with their audience.

We created our own authority by blogging.

Why You Should Be Blogging

Here at Odd Noodle, we help Creators build 6 & 7-figure digital product businesses and one of the key components to understand is this.

Audience x Offer = $$$$$$

If you can master that then you can make a lot of money online. The big problem that people have online is that they mistake followers for an audience.

We’ve seen people with over 100,000+ followers on social media platforms make under $100 a month while we’ve also seen those with under 1,000 followers a month make over $10,000 a month.

The difference isn’t the size of the following. The difference is who you actually reach and this is why blogging can work out so well for you.

Because when people come to read a blog post they are doing so because they have the intention to learn. They are now in your world trying to improve.

That isn’t the case on social media. On social media, people go to be entertained and so they are looking for their next hit.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t convert them into the type of person who is actively trying to learn something, but the ideal situation is that you move them off of social media and onto your blog.

It's hard to think of any business that wouldn't benefit from blogging.

And if we’re being honest we are living in an age where everyone is creating content online so it’s becoming harder to stand out.

Having a website that you own and offers no other distractions gives you the opportunity to talk to someone on a one-on-one basis. No interruptions. No distractions.

Just you and the message that you want to deliver.

Whenever we start a new brand the first two things that we work on creating are:

  1. A digital product
  2. A blog


A book gives us something to sell and a blog gives people a reason to come to the site where we can show them the book.

This goes to show that blogging itself isn’t a business, but it is part of the business. When you blog, you market.

And because of SEO, you get to do it passively over time.

By having a blog with a ton of valuable content you begin to stand out from others in your niche who solely focus on social media.

How to Get Started Blogging

If all of this makes sense and you see the value in blogging then the next question is how do you get started?

Lucky for you here at Odd Noodle we have a ton of resources to help you out.

First, check out how to start a blog. That covers the key elements that you need to keep in mind as you start your blogging journey.

The important thing to keep in mind is that nothing is set in stone with your blog. You can change things around as often as you like.

There are a number of blog niches to choose from and know that it is possible to make any of them work for you.

Make blogging fun because the whole goal is to serve your audience. Yes, you want to make money and get lots of traffic, but the best way to do that is by serving your audience and helping them.

Blogging allows you to get the content that they are looking for without having to wait for the right social media post or email.

Why We Love Blogging

We love to eat our own dog food. That means if we are going to continue to teach something then we need to make sure we continue to do it.

Blogging is at the core of everything that we teach because it’s a fundamental part of marketing.

When we started Obsidian Tavern, we started with the blog because it allowed us to create content that we could break into social media posts and emails.

Now we know over time that people will passively find the site through SEO and actively by coming across it on social media.

And it all starts with blogging.

If you’d like to learn more about blogging then be sure to check out the many articles below.

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