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The Infinite Business

First we need to start off by understanding what is an Infinite Game.

An infinite game is one with known and unknown players, changeable rules, and no end. The objective is not to win—the objective is to keep playing.

Business itself is an Infinite Game.

Nobody WINS business.

Business has been around before you and I were born.

Business will be around long after we are dead.

Business is Business.

An Infinite Business is one that will last long after we disappear.

Sounds crazy, right?

Why would anyone want to build an Infinite Business?

It’s quite simple.

The most challenging aspect of building a business is overcoming you.

That’s right.

You will always find a way to sabotage yourself if you’re not too careful.

Approaching business with an Infinite Mindset greatly helps with that.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

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