Normal Is Average.


What a terrible word.

Nobody wants to think of themselves as average.

Nobody wants to be labeled as average.

And yet so many people try their hardest every single day to be average.

It makes sense. Life can feel easier when you strive for average.

Go to school. Get a job. Do what others do.


But people weren’t meant to be average.

We weren’t given souls to be average.

We’re the only animal on this planet with the power of imagination and yet so many people want to live the life that everybody else lives.

Or even worse, the life that everybody else wants them to live.

However, there is a different breed of people out there.

They stand out because they aren’t average and that makes the average people uncomfortable.

So what do the average people call them?




They’ll make fun of them.

They’ll tell them that everything they’re doing is wrong and a waste of time.

They won’t understand what they’re trying to do in life because what they’re doing in life is outside the comfort zone of the average person.

They’ll try everything in their power to take the odd out of the person so they can be average.

Just like them.

But it doesn’t work because when you’re odd there is a part of you that understands that is how you’re supposed to be.

You don’t want to be average.

You’re not meant to live an average life.

You’re not meant to do average things.

When you die, you don’t want people to think that you lived an average life because you were an average person.

Fuck that.

You’re odd so be odd.

That’s why we love you.

What We Do

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