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Odd Noodle is not an agency. That’s important to understand because the main task here isn’t to get a bunch of clients and sit on our asses.

We make time available for a select number of clients each year to help build and scale their Creator-focused businesses.

If you aren’t sure if we’ll be a good fit, the best thing that you can do is go through this site to see if you like the style and approach to marketing that we try to implement. If so then check out the services below to see if one fits your needs.

Done For You Funnels

Starting at $2,500 | Turnaround is 21 Business Days

Want to get a Feel Good Funnel up on your site and you want it within 3 weeks? Then this service is available to those people that already have offers and wish to start scaling them without scaling the time spent on marketing.

What you’ll receive:

  • Landing page to get people onto your mailing list.
  • Sales page to sell your offer.
  • A full on-site story sequence that leads people to your sales page. This on-site sequence acts just like an email funnel but allows people to go through things right now.
  • A welcome sequence. This is used to help frame your worldview so that the reader can begin to see things through your eyes.
  • A bridge sequence. These are used to move people from your newsletter to a sales sequence.
  • A sales sequence. This sequence is all about the art of selling without selling.

TikTok Profile Review

$100 | Turnaround is 3 Business Days

You might be struggling on TikTok because of your profile.

In this review, TikTok Expert Stephen Scrivens will do a full-video review of your profile.

What you’ll receive:

  • A video detailing the good and the bad of your profile.
  • Insight into how to improve your videos.
  • Feedback on what type of videos you should be doing.
  • Things to do to boost engagement with your videos and get more views for them.