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Digital Products

Here at Odd Noodle we help people build online businesses that revolve around digital products. We absolutely love digital products in all forms.


  • No inventory
  • Quick to create
  • Unlimited scale
  • Easy customer service
  • People always want more

This is why whenever we start a new brand, we look into what type of digital products we can offer to the audience. It’s the reason why we’re able to scale quickly.

Harness the Power of Etsy: Your Guide to Selling Digital Products on Etsy Successfully

Unlock Etsy success selling digital products! From setup to marketing, this guide has you covered. Sell like a pro on Etsy today!

Etsy Selling Tips: 10 Secrets to Skyrocket Your Success

Unlock Etsy selling success with 10 insider tips! Boost your shop’s visibility, engage customers, and skyrocket your sales!

Unlocking Etsy Success: Proven Marketing Strategies for Sellers

Unlock Etsy success with proven marketing strategies! Build your brand, engage with customers, and drive traffic to your shop. Start selling like a pro!

Crafting Trust: How Well-Defined Shop Policies Boost Your Etsy Business

Boost your Etsy business with well-defined shop policies that build trust and set clear expectations. Craft success today!

Finding Your Sweet Spot: Unraveling Effective Etsy Pricing Strategies

Discover Etsy pricing strategies to maximize your profits! From cost-based to value-based, find your sweet spot for success.

Maximize Your Sales: Effective Strategies for Etsy Shop Promotion

Supercharge your Etsy shop promotion! Boost visibility and maximize sales with effective strategies tailored for you.

From Zero to Hero: Advertising Your Etsy Shop for Maximum Results

Unlock the potential of your Etsy shop with strategic advertising tactics. From visuals to influencer collaborations, maximize your reach and sales!

Etsy Shop Analytics: Your Key to Unlocking Sales Success

Unlock sales success on Etsy with powerful shop analytics! Discover key metrics, optimize your strategies, and maximize ROI.

Etsy Freedom: How to Thrive Selling Your Digital Downloads

Unlock Etsy success with digital downloads! Master pricing, promotion, and exceptional customer service to thrive on Etsy.

9 Super Useful Ebook Cover Design Tips You Need to Follow

Need help creating your ebook cover? Here are some design tips that will make yours standout.

Odd Noodle’s Email Marketing Best Practices

The best way to sell digital products? Email marketing. Here are some email marketing best practices to help you sell digital products on auto-pilot.

How to Make and Sell Printables in 2024: An Odd Person’s Ultimate Guide to Passive Income

Ready to build a digital product business? One digital product that anyone can create is a printable. Here’s what to do.
tools to create an ebook

3 Free & Easy Tools to Create an Ebook That Actually Makes Money

Did you know you can write an ebook to sell to your audience in as little as 10 Days? You totally can. And it doesn’t require any special tools or technical skills. In fact, you can learn how to write an ebook with the tools you probably already know how to use. We’re going to …

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Mastering Digital Product Creation: A Guide for Creators and Solopreneurs

You can make a great living through digital product creation. Here are the steps that you need to take to make it happen.

Unlocking E-commerce Success: Types of Digital Products for Creators and Solopreneurs

It’s easy to think e-commerce is all about physical products, but that isn’t true. Digital products can work wonders for an e-commerce business.

Top Digital Products to Sell Online for Creators and Solopreneurs

What are the top digital products to sell? Here are our favorites that anyone can create if they want.

Exploring Digital Products for Writers: A Guide for Creators and Solopreneurs

It’s amazing the opportunities that writers have to create money online through digital products. Here are some examples.
A happy person in a crazy colorful costume is excited about digital product ideas.

Unlocking Money Making Digital Product Ideas: A Simple Guide for Creators and Solopreneurs

Looking for some digital product ideas? Here are some great ideas for different digital products that anyone can create.

Types of Digital Products: A Guide for Creators and Solopreneurs Starting an Online Business on Shopify

You might be used to buying physical products off of Shopify but digital products are becoming a big deal. Here’s how to do it.

Unlocking Success: The Ultimate Guide to Digital Products for Artists

You don’t only have to sell your art to make money online if you’re an artist. You’re best bet is through some other kind of digital product.

The Best Digital Products to Use for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money online, but it can be even better if you learn how to incorporate digital products.

The 5 Best Digital Products for Photographers Who Love Passive Income

While you can make decent money selling your photographs online you might be better off providing digital products.

Unlock Passive Income: Exploring the Types of Digital Products for Creators and Solopreneurs

Ready to make passive income online? Here’s how you can do it by selling digital products that anyone can create.

Master the Art of Selling Ebooks Online: A Guide for Solopreneurs and Creators

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Mastering eBook Creation: A Simple Guide for Solopreneurs and Creators

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In today’s digital age, eBooks have become a game-changer for solop

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In today’s digital age, where technology has t

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Mastering eBook Creation & Copyrighting: A Guide for Solopreneurs & Creators

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In today’s digital age, where the written word can be ea

Self-Publishing an eBook: A Step-by-Step Guide for Solopreneurs and Creators

Overview of self-publishing an eBook

In today’s digital age, self-publishing an eBook has become an empowering avenue for solopreneurs and creators

50+ Types of Digital Products You Can Create That People Will Actually Buy (You Can Make #3 in a Weekend!)

Creating digital products is an amazing way to make money online. Here are the 10 best types of digital products that you can create.

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5 Tested Types of Money-Making eBooks People Will Actually Want to Buy

Did you know there are certain types of ebooks that will make you money? It’s true! Here are 5 types of ebooks that we’ve used to make money.

5 Reasons You Should Have Started Your Digital Product Business with an eBook (the 5th one is the best!)

While there are a lot of options for you to create digital products we think the best to start a business with is a book. Here’s why.

6 Steps for How to Write an eBook (That Will Actually Make Money!) Without Wasting a Lot of Time or Money

Want to learn how to write an ebook? Here are the 6 steps that we follow when creating our books to sell.

Don’t Miss Out: 9+ Proven eBook Writing Tips for Creating and Selling eBooks as Digital Products

Looking to write an eBook? Then you will need some tips to help jumpstart things. Here are 11 writing tips that we use for our own eBooks.

Mastering eBook Creation Software: Optimize Your eBook With Confidence

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with eBook creation software but you don’t have to. Here’s how to optimize your eBooks with confidence.
A woman wearing a swan hat looks at ebook cover design ideas.

13 Bold eBook Cover Design Ideas That Will Help Boost Sales

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but everyone does. So what do you do? Make sure you have a beautiful cover design for your book.

How to Start an Online Business with Digital Products (from Zero & Stressed to $3,000+ monthly in 3 Simple Phases)

How to start an online business with digital products that make you $3,000 a month or more.

10 eBook Marketing Strategies for Solopreneurs and Creators That Love Money

What’s the point in writing an eBook if it doesn’t sell? To see you need to market and here are 10 ebook marketing strategies to make life easier.