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Here are emails that I’ve sent out in the past that I believe still resonate well today.

Avoid the Middle-Class

The middle-class used to mean something great. But in today’s world it’s the mentality that can hold you back the most.

I Want…But…

If you can’t deliver water, then don’t try to come up with a new flavor.

Future Fantasy Disease

Not getting what you want? Always set big goals and fall massively short? You might be suffering from Future Fantasy Disease.

Standing on the Tracks

How long do you wait before finally getting started? Are you waiting for the perfect pass of the train?

You Can’t Run Harder

Sometimes what we do to reach one milestone isn’t enough to help us reach the next. We need to change things up but only if we notice that.

The Push-Up Paradox

Have you ever tried to start working out but the beginning is just too hard with too little reward? That’s the Push-Up Paradox.

The Middle

Is it possible to be successful in the long run if you consistently aim for the middle? I’m not so sure.

Studying the Roots Too Long

We want this thing that we do to be complicated because it will give us a good reason as to why it fails. But it’s not complicated. We just need light.

[ON #8] Is Something Wrong With Me?

When you know the path to success is there any good reason to start over? Probably not but I’m going to for the only reason I know of.

[ON #7] The Wrong Problem

Even if you’re moving, if you’re moving in the wrong direction you’re still not making progress. Focus on the right problem.

Two Different Timelines

Your mindset can dictate the path that works for you and the one that doesn’t. What’s the difference?

The Matthew Effect and Why You Always Seem to Fail

There is something secret that we don’t acknowledge but once you understand it you begin to see why others excel when others stumble.

[ON #6] The Triple Sequence

How to set up a sales sequence that presents a different message each time a person encounters it.

[ON #5] The Opposite

Sometimes, the opposite is the right path even when everyone argues against it.

[ON #4] The Art and the Science

Everyone wants the science of building a business, but when they apply it and nothing works they wonder why.

My Diagnosis

What are the hidden rules to your own game? The ones that only apply to you that hold you back?

We Don’t Follow Advice

You can get all of the advice in the world, but it doesn’t apply to you until it fits within your world.

[ON #3] The Lack

Is it possible to send too many emails? Only if they lack this essential element to make them all work.

[ON #2] The Goal

Everyone has a North Star and that’s the main goal that you strive to achieve with your business. But sometimes that North Star is pointing in the wrong direction.

Wait Your Turn

They can only continue to grow if they make you wait your turn. So that’s what they tell you. You must always wait your turn. Fuck that.

[ON #1] The Battle

Building a business is similar to building IKEA furniture. There are a set of instructions that are Universal, however, if you don’t win the battle in your mind, you end up building nothing.

Selling Sucks

Selling isn’t fun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make it interesting. As long as you understand the Customer’s Journey you can start to have fun with it.

The Game You Don’t Play

The difference between the successful and unsuccessful creator is understanding the game that you’re playing. Here’s to understanding your own rules.

Competition Is for Losers

It’s easy to think that it’s a smart thing to enter a niche with some competition. But that isn’t true. Here’s why competition is for losers and how to avoid it.

How to Build a Business While Working a 9-5

It’s easy to think that a lack of time is holding you back from building a business. But a 9-5 doesn’t have to get in your way. Here’s the efficient plan for building a business.

An Odd Person’s Guide to Making $1,000 a Day

$1,000 a day seems like one of those fantasy numbers, but when you flip your mindset and see the equation, you see that it’s really your reality.

The Product-Market Fit Fallacy

Looking for Product-Market Fit can lead you down a dead end. There is a much better method that you can follow, but it requires understanding your audience.

Business Is Neutral

Even though we might want to blame business for our failings it’s important to remember that business is neutral. It doesn’t care about you and that’s a good thing.