Business Is Neutral

There is a saying and it’s one that has truly stuck with me.

Nature is neutral.

What does that mean?

It means the world is not out to get you, even though some people might.

Nature itself doesn’t give a shit about you.

Money doesn’t give a shit about you.

Time doesn’t give a shit about you.

More importantly, the law of Business don’t give a shit about you.

They are all neutral.

They exist, but they don’t cater to one specific type of person.

It means that your actions either make those things come to you or go away from you.

It means you get to decide if your business is successful by the thoughts and actions that you take.

Now don’t mistake this idea with the fact that just taking action means you deserve for business to work for you. However, if you really think that business is nothing more than Audience x Offer then really what would be the cause of you not getting it right?

That equation is neutral.

What happens to you and your business is on you.

That’s not a tough pill to swallow but it’s one you must if you truly want to succeed at this stuff.

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