Standing on the Tracks

One of my worst habits is setting an expectation before something begins, taking a misstep at the beginning and then giving up.

For example, New Year’s. I can spend all of December planning out the next year and how magnificent it will be, but if I miss doing any of the steps needed during the first week of the New Year, then that means I can’t continue.

Think about how ridiculous that sounds.

Because something happened in the first 7 days, that means the other 358 mean absolutely nothing to me. I’ll even go so far as to have a plan for something in April and convince myself that it’s best to wait until a certain date to make it happen.

“No, let’s wait until your birthday in August, then you’ll have a new start at a new age…”

It’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m getting better at it, but it still exists and the reason why is because my ego wants things to be amazing.

I plan on how I get to tell people how I’ve shown amazing growth since January 1st (or whatever date). It’s like I’m constantly filming a YouTube video in my head, but there is never a camera.

But what’s the reality?

The reality is that every single day is either a new start or a continuation of what already is.

There is no other choice.

You can wake up and say today is a new start to something or you can wake up and be [upset/happy] that it’s the continuation of what already is.

Growing Odd Noodle over these past 4 months I’ve overcome something that is pretty huge for me. Something that might seem ridiculous to you because it doesn’t appear that way on the outside.

I stuck with it.

April 1st was the start. You see! I still like my perfect dates!

But from there every day has simply been a continuation of what already is.

That means I show up on social media. That could mean I write you an email. It definitely means that I add new content to the Create Your Own Economy Program.

And what is my big takeaway from this?

The start doesn’t mean much after 100+ days of doing something. Yes, it’s important that you do start, but that first day feels like the other 99.

It wouldn’t matter if that first day was on my birthday, January 1st, or April 29th. It would not matter because it’s a start.

The most important day is always the next day.

With business, a perfect start doesn’t exist. But a start does need to exist before anything else can happen.

And that’s what I’m getting better at. 

Acknowledging that there always needs to be a start, but most importantly, tomorrow isn’t another start.

Simply a continuation of what already is.

As is the case with most of my emails, this was written for me.

It was written because I need to redo the Odd Noodle site. Not a drastic overhaul, but things have already evolved on my side and the site needs to match that. But I keep on hesitating because for some reason I’m looking for the perfect start.

And there isn’t one in this case.

So today is the start and tomorrow will be nothing more than a continuation of what happens today.

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