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[ON #5] The Opposite

On Monday, I wrote this thread about @GrammarHippy and how many emails he sent on the final day of his sale. The thread wasn’t attacking him, just taking the opposite stance that I didn’t think you needed to send that many emails to get the same results.

It’s far and away the tweet that has gained me the most followers so far. And I’m happy to gain those followers because the thread was geared perfectly toward the person I want to talk to.

What I was surprised to see is that people were asking me if there was another way.

“Wait, we DON’T have to send that many emails?”

It was like a revelation to them. And this is important to understand because, in every niche, there is always a group of people that feel unheard because nobody is talking to them.

These people questioned the advice of sending 6-9 emails on the final day, but nobody was saying otherwise so what could they do? Now, this doesn’t make George Ten (@GrammarHippy) wrong.

He sends those emails for his reasons and there will be others that follow the same tactic. It’s not my job to convince those people that there is another way that I feel is better.

My job is to talk to those people that already feel that it shouldn’t be done that way. And that’s how you begin to build a Customer. 

That’s how you attract people that share the same worldview as you.

You don’t have to reference someone like I did George, but you do need to call out what you think is wrong about how people do things. And there is probably a better term than “wrong” but I have a colonoscopy in a couple of hours so I’m a bit distracted.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of talking about the same things that bigger players do because you see it works for them. And some things are just general knowledge that should be talked about.

For instance, I don’t think anyone would argue against talking to a specific person to build your business. Or maybe, someone feels differently and therefore a whole group of people feel differently. One day, someone may come along and talk to them and attract their attention.

When it comes to business, opposites do attract, but they attract more of the people that agree with you.

But what about some of the big players that have grown to massive sizes and stick to general purpose advice? Why do they get to do it?

There are two important things to keep in mind:

  1. When talking about how to get more money, beauty, or sex, you’re going to attract people.
  2. A majority of the big players helped each other grow through engagement groups.

And I have zero problems with engagement groups if they bring you the right people. It would be silly to avoid them.

But I look at what you can do if you can’t get into an engagement group (I’m not in one). And talking the opposite is how my voice gets heard in a crowded room.

As long as I believe in the opposite and can justify why I see it that way.

Should you hunt out the opposing views that you have? You can, but for me, they just come through hanging out in the niche. Plus, you need your own experience to understand what works, what doesn’t, and what can be done better.

Your Marketing Tip

This one I feel is pretty basic, but I’m surprised at how many newsletters I receive that don’t do this. Have a look at this image:


The first number is open rate and the second number is clicks.

In every email I send you can find links back to my site in the footer. These links aren’t just to my offers, but also to other resources.

That means that for every email I send, I’m guaranteed to have some people click to go back to my site. If they buy then that’s great, but more important to me is that they go through and find some new piece of information that can help them.

This is a content flywheel that continues to reinforce to reinforce how I can help. If you send newsletters, make sure to get something similar set up for yourself.

It’s an easy win.

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