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Avoid the Middle-Class

Today, I came across this quote…


Don’t worry, this isn’t an email about Crypto.

This is an email about how being middle-class can hold you back from finding the success that you want.

But here’s the catch and it’s a big catch. When I say middle-class, this doesn’t have to mean financially. 

Also, when I talk about being poor or rich that doesn’t always mean financially either. 

Here’s what I mean.

Absolutely, 100%, every single student that has found success with us has either been poor or rich. The middle-class never finds success.

Poor might mean you hate your job or are in a toxic relationship.

Rich might mean you’re in a place where you understand what it takes to move forward and know no matter what you do you can always get back to where you’re at.

Middle-class is different. Middle-class is where you don’t want to take risks because you fear you’ll drop down to being poor. It’s like staying in a bad relationship only because you view being alone as a worse situation.

Being rich would mean having no problem leaving a bad relationship because you love yourself to the point where being alone feels amazing. Being poor would mean leaving a bad relationship because you’re already at the bottom and being alone isn’t going to make it any worse.

And that’s the problem many of you have with trying to build something great.

You’re middle-class.

You don’t want to go all in because that feels risky. It could mean you put yourself in a worse situation (becoming poor in some way).

But those that succeed? When they’re poor they know building something is the only option. 

They don’t see it as a risk when they’re rich. They see it as a way forward.

But that middle-class mentality holds so many back. You know you need to do something to move forward, but moving forward feels risky and your current situation isn’t that bad so why truly risk anything at all?

Maybe if you do a little bit that will be good enough, right? Not in today’s world.

Not when you’re competing with people who have a poor or rich mindset.

Think about it like this. You have a job that you don’t want to do for the rest of your life, but it’s also not a job that you despise. It just is what it is.

Building your own business requires you to put yourself in uncomfortable situations so what do you do? Because your job isn’t as uncomfortable you continue to default back to that without doing everything that is needed to succeed with your own business.

Compare that to the person who absolutely hates their job. It is literally the worst thing for them.

They don’t see the business they’re building as a cool thing to do or a wise investment. It’s that thing they HAVE to do. Sure, they are still terrified to send their list emails, but they still do it. Why?

Because going to that job every day is a worse feeling than sending that email.

How does the middle-class person compete with that?

By no means do I think you have to make your life miserable to succeed. You can easily switch to a rich mindset instead.

You have bigger dreams for yourself. You want to have an impact on someone and you know what you have now you can always get back to if need be, so why not take the jump? 

How does the middle-class person compete with the rich who have no fear?

There are 4 months left in the year. Most of you reading this have middle-class mentalities. I’m not insulting you. I’m not trying to make you upset.

I’m just bringing things to light for you so you understand where you’re at.

Poor and rich go all in because all in seems obvious.

Middle-class want to believe that dipping their toe in the water means they learned how to swim.

I promise you that I’m not trying to give you a pep talk. I simply want you to open your eyes and ask yourself where you’re at and be honest with yourself.

Because there will be a small group of us that take off over the next 4 months. I mean really shoot to the stars.

And I don’t want you to hit December 31st and go, “Hm, why is everyone else pushing forward but I’m still stuck here?

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