The Game You Don’t Play

I had a convo with a good friend of mine yesterday.

He wrote a blog post that I wanted to read, but there was one problem with it. 

I couldn’t.

Each paragraph was huge and they were all clumped together. Made me feel as though it was just one giant billboard of a paragraph.

And I told him so and he took it in stride because people know I have good intentions. Or they just ignore me. Doesn’t matter.

But it reminded me of something and why so many people don’t find the success that they strive for. Especially us high achievers.

They don’t realize the game that they’re playing. Or even worse, they think their rules will find them success.

You see this a lot with creators. They’ll create (what they think) are great pieces of content and put it out there, but nobody gives a shit about it.

It flops.

Then they see someone else doing fortune cookie posts every single day getting a ton of likes, replies, and retweets. It’s not fair!

But the game is attention. That’s always the game.

So what do you do? Resort to the same type of content that you loathe? Not at all. I never want you to compromise who you are.

But if you aren’t going to do that then you need to ask yourself what will you do that will match or top what everyone else is doing.

Some people have the ability to shut off their emotions when creating content. They just want the money so they’ll do what it takes. Feelings are gone.

If you’re reading this I doubt you feel the same way since you know how I talk. But that’s why you need to understand the game and how you can play it using YOUR rules and still get great results.

That’s the fun part of doing this. You make up your own rules which act as restrictions.

Now the game is to find great success within those restrictions that you’ve created.

If you can do that, then you’ll be happy and free.

– Scrivs

PS: My friend joked about how my emails are one sentence each. I came back with something that I thought was clever:

“You can be Dickens or you can be read.”

It’s hard to get people to read your content online, especially when it appears intimidating. Do I keep my rule that I learned in school to have 3-5 sentences per paragraph or do I write in a way that gets more people to read?

The answer to that was pretty simple.

And don’t worry, my goal over time is to share how to build your business in a way that makes you feel good about what you’re doing. Even though I mentioned the fortune cookie people getting big vanity numbers, don’t for a second think those are equal to revenue.

This is about attracting the right people to you which is much less work than trying to convert the wrong people.

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