Competition Is for Losers

Naval once said, “Competition is for losers.” But what in the hell does he know?

Okay, he’s a gazillionaire, so he knows a lot, but what does it mean? The simple answer is that you should build a business that has no competition.

But many people take that the wrong way.

They think it means you have to find some ridiculous niche that nobody has touched and in all honesty, after you, nobody else will ever touch.

Like becoming an expert on green clown wigs meant for people with hat size 44.

Sure, there is no competition, but there isn’t any money either.

Naval is talking more along the lines of Apple (as an example).

But wait, don’t they have tons of competition?

It depends on who you are.

I love Apple products. I love the ease of use, design, and how everything ties together.

For me, there is no Apple competitor. There is no urge to look elsewhere.

Now, not everyone thinks like me. Some people don’t care about design, ease of use, or whether their gadgets all interact with each other.

They just want a device to make calls with and therefore to them, Apple has a ton of competitors.

So that’s the first key to avoiding competition.

Find the audience that only cares about you.

That might seem impossible, but there is a trick to this.

Talk to Those Being Ignored

It might not seem like it, but in every niche, there is a large group of people being ignored.

I’m talking to you right not because I think you’re being ignored.

If you’re reading this site or my emails or something on social, then you’re the type of person that is questioning all of the advice the gurus are giving you.

Because it always sounds the same.

Follow this Social Media Roadmap to make 6 figures a year.

Maybe you did try it. Maybe you’ve tried a couple. Maybe you’ve tried dozens.

And nothing works.

You know it CAN work because you see the success others are having, but you’re not seeing it for yourself.

So here you are.

Now, you wouldn’t be here if I was saying the same things as everyone else. There would be no point.

You would read a couple of things and then decide that I’m not talking to you.

On the other hand, there might be some people who come and read what I’m writing and totally disagree with me because they’ve found success doing something.

Some might even say I’m completely wrong and that’s okay. They have someone else talking to them.

They don’t need me.

They aren’t my audience and they’re lucky they have someone that is talking to them.

That’s why I talk to the people that I talk to.

Because nobody else is.

It might seem like other people are, but they aren’t.

And that’s how you can find success. That’s how you can find a place with no competition.

This all sounds good in theory but how do you actually make it happen?

How to Start a Business With No Competition

First, you must understand Message-Vision Fit.

The audience being ignored has a vision and can’t seem to find anyone delivering a message that matches it.

If you can’t unlock the message, then you won’t get anywhere. You’ll just sound like everyone else and everyone else is competition.

To understand the people that are being ignored you simply have to listen.

Social media is full of people complaining that there isn’t a solution to their problem.

People talk about what they want, but they have no idea how to get it.

You just have to be listening.

Because that’s what they want.

To be heard.

And they’ll know if you’re listening or not because when you deliver the message that matches their vision, they’ll feel as though you came down from the heavens above.

They’ll wonder why they were unable to find you sooner.

Finally, someone is speaking their language!

The more you talk, the more they’ll nod their heads.

And to them, there is no competition as long as you continue to speak the message that matches their vision.

Secret Tactic: Be the Opposite

Here is my favorite tactic for finding the people that are being ignored.

I’ll go to a niche and study it. I’ll see what is the common thing that all of the experts are saying.

Then I’ll look to see if there is an alternative to what they are saying. But that alternative has to work

It can’t just be the opposite for the opposite’s sake.

For example, a great way to make money online is scarcity.

You’ve probably seen this before.

You only have 8 hours left before this deal closes.

All of the gurus tell you that you need to add scarcity if you really want to see your conversions rise.

But what if I showed you how to avoid scarcity and still keep high conversions? What if I told you that you can build a healthier relationship with your audience when you aren’t cornering them?

There is an audience that would love that because they don’t like the idea of fake scarcity.

I would have no competition because the “competition” all says you should do the opposite of what I’m saying to do.

About Price

Without experience, it’s easy to fall into the trap of competing on price.

Doing that only leads to frustration and burnout.

That’s the beauty of building a business with no competition.

You charge what you feel is reasonable and you’re okay.

You aren’t Wal-Mart.

You can’t sell to millions of people a day so $0.25 profit on each sale works for you.

You’re looking at how you can build something that provides you with the freedom that you want.

One with no competition.

An Odd Business.

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