Out of All of the Blog Templates, We Always Use This One…

When it comes to blog templates, especially those on WordPress, you have a million different options. And yet that doesn’t make things any easier.

We’re fortunate in that we’re able to run a number of different blogs for ourselves and our clients and we always come back to using the same blog template/theme: GeneratePress.

Why? Because it checks all of the boxes that are needed to fulfill what we need with our blog templates. To better understand why we think this is the best blog template that you can use we need to explain what we do with our blogs.

Simplicity and Speed

When it comes to blog templates, we are looking for two things:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Speed

It’s easy to get carried away with a blog template that is super fancy and seems like it was made for an art museum. But the truth is that people come to our blogs to read them. The harder we make it for them to read, the more likely they are to leave.

So we need a theme that will let the words shine and get out of the way.

The next thing we need is speed. In today’s world, if a site takes more than a couple of seconds to load then people will leave. They don’t have time for that.

That means our blog template need to ensure it only has the code that it needs. We need it to be lightweight.

There is one more thing that we look for though in our blog templates.

Easy to Customize

Because we run a number of sites that each have to have their own look, the blog template needs to be easy to customize. The harder it is to make changes, the less enjoyable it is to work within it.

However, if you know that you can easily make a change at the click of a button, the more likely you are to experiment.

This is why our favorite blog template is the one that we choose.

GeneratePress Is the Perfect Blog Template

In a world where every WordPress theme complicates things, it’s refreshing to have a theme that keeps things simple. That’s why we’ve been using GeneratePress the last couple of years and haven’t once considered switching.

Looking across all of the Makers Mob brands, you can see that each has its own personality and yet they are all using the exact same blog template.

It’s what makes blogging so fun for us.

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