Do People Still Read Blogs?

If you want the quick answer to the question of do people still read blogs then the answer is “it depends”.

People still do read blogs and blogging is worth it, which isn’t surprising when you understand WHY people still read blogs.

Some blogs.

So that’s what we’re going to answer in this blog. Yep, this is a blog.

What Is a Blog?

This is probably the first question you need to ask because it’s probably why you’re here.

If you think of a blog as just a place to write down your personal thoughts then most people probably don’t go searching for those types of blogs and the answer is obvious.

Social media takes care of that function for us.

I can learn about someone’s life just as easily on Instagram as I could reading a blog and that’s the thing. On social media, I can easily discover the personal lives of people.

I don’t have to go looking for them.

If you write on a blog you need to actively go out and get people to look for you and most of the time when people are searching for something they are doing so because they have a problem that needs solving.

A personal blog might not do that if it’s just talking about a person’s life.

That’s why when you ask the question what is a blog, you really need to understand what type of blog you’re really talking about.

So what kind of blogs do people read?

Problem-Solving Blogs

Take this blog as the perfect example. If you scroll through the different blog posts you’ll see that they help to solve different problems.

They provide answers to different questions.

When people go on Google to search for something there is a good chance they’ll end up on a blog.

The problem with the question of do people still read blogs is that you can’t assume all blogs are the same.

When your business runs a blog it’s more of a content portal. When your neighbor takes pictures of her hummingbirds and only posts those with funny captions then that’s something nobody is going to search for.

So do people still read personal diaries? I’m sure some people do because people enjoy that stuff.

But to us, it’s not something worth doing unless it’s therapeutic.

Do people still read blogs that provide them with the information that they need to solve a problem?

Most definitely.

3 Reasons Why People Read Blogs

A person reading a blog. Because the answer to "Do people still read blogs" is yes.

By now you should be convinced that the answer to do people still read blogs is yes, but if not I have 3 reasons for you.

1. They Require Solutions

People have problems every single day and every single day people are searching for solutions.

There is nothing that says the answer to a solution can’t be on a blog. A blog is no different than any other website.

2. They Like to Learn

Blogs contain knowledge that people are openly willing to share. This knowledge helps people learn.

About what?

Whatever the blog is about. For example, if you go through this website you’ll uncover a ton of knowledge on building an online business.

It’s the knowledge that we have no problem sharing and will continue to do so until people stop reading blogs which will be never.

3. Headlines Keep Pulling Them In

When people are scrolling through social media there is a good chance that at some point a blog post is going to have a headline that is going to draw them in.

People are curious and we like to see what’s next.

Nobody wants to experience FOMO and blogs can create major FOMO if we don’t click on that link. This also means that you need to know how to write captivating blog post titles.

So, Do People Still Read Blogs?

Yes, but it depends on the type of blog.

If you want to make money and have your blog be part of your online business then you can’t think of your blog as a journal.

It needs to become a resource because if you can do that, then people won’t see it as a blog.

They’ll see it as the place to be.

Looking at the traffic that blogs get shows that people still read them and that’s because they don’t see them as blogs.

It’s easy to think of blogs as places where you write your personal feelings, but that has greatly evolved since many moons ago. Those blogs are dead and a new blog has emerged.

One that can be used as the foundation of a business that will allow you to scale and make money online from anywhere in the world.

This is what we excel at and what we love helping people do.

Is Your Blog Worth Reading?

That’s a much better question to ask because we know that people still read blogs. They are the things that pop up all of the time in Google search results.

It’s where Creators send us from their emails.

But that’s a different question from if your blog is worth reading and this is where people get confused. They don’t know how to write great blog posts and because of that, they think nobody reads blogs anymore.

It doesn’t matter if they go and post a pin on Pinterest that they believe is amazing. Once nobody clicks on it or they do and they don’t stay on their site, they’ll believe that blogging is dead.

Blogging is simply another form of communication so if blogging is dead then communication is dead.

It also means that people no longer care about diving deeper into a topic. They only want the surface-level stuff that might not have the answer.

But we know that isn’t the case. We know that not everyone wants a simple social media post to explain something. Sure, most people will be happy with social media alone, but those who really want to progress into something will turn to longer forms of content on blogs and YouTube.

This is also why blogging isn’t a waste of time. It’s the foundation behind every brand that we build.

If we can’t build a blog with a new brand then we don’t do the brand at all. That’s how much we still believe in blogging.

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