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A Simple Guide on How to Create a Successful Blog Overnight

This is a pretty fascinating topic.

The question is pretty simple.

How to create a successful blog overnight?

The answer isn’t that simple, but I think first you should be asking a different question and that is…

…is it even possible for me to teach you how to create a successful blog overnight?

The answer is “yes”, but it’s going to take the right conditions.

What Is Blog Success?

This is another important question to ask. What does blog success mean? Is blogging worth it?

Does it mean a lot of traffic?

A lot of money?


This is going to vary from person to person I believe, but for the sake of this post let’s work with two different definitions of success:

  1. Something that gets you a ton of traffic overnight
  2. Something that makes you a lot of money

Now, these two definitions don’t have to be exclusive at all but I’ll show you how they can work separately as well.

How to create a successful blog overnight. Beautiful red tree at dusk or dawn.

How to Create a Successful Blog Overnight: What You Need

When I first started my blog journey and I was dying for success (tons of traffic), I found it pretty hard to come by.

In fact, I remember I only got about 1,200 pageviews in the first 90 days for one of my blogs.

On the 91st day something happened. I got over 200 page views!

From there, I continued to grow the blog until it was doing over 800,000 pageviews a month!

So the question is what changed from days 1-90 to day 91?

It was simple.

I wrote a piece of content that people wanted.

And that’s all blogging is.

Your ability to write content that people want.

This could mean that it is content that they are searching for or content that when they come across on social media they have to click on it.

If you can’t produce content that people want then you don’t stand a chance.

And it’s important to keep in mind that knowing what people want and then producing content that matches their expectations are two different things.

You might know the perfect topic to write about but if it ends up being a piece of shit, then nobody is going to care.

This post is a great example.

The topic of it might interest you but if I fail to do anything with it then it’s not going to do anything for me.

So I have to deliver.

With that in mind, there are two types of content that you can write that give you a great chance of being a success overnight.

  1. Timely
  2. Evergreen Bomb

Let’s look at both.

Girl watching a beautiful red sunrise. Metaphor for How to Create a Successful Blog OVernight.

Timely Content

Timely content is content that is riding on a trend.

For example, let’s say that they discovered aliens on Mars today. You could write a deep exposition on how this affects people in some way and publish it tomorrow.

It has to be timely.

It doesn’t count if it’s next month because people might’ve moved on to something else.

Or maybe you write a blog post that actually breaks news before it happens.

Imagine writing a thorough blog post discussing the upcoming housing crash of 2008 and then it happening the next day or week?

This content is admittedly tough to produce because it requires timing and quality. Timing can be pretty easy.

I can look at any piece of news that is happening today and push out some piece of content about it.

However, is it quality enough to where people not only want to read it, but to also share it? That’s something completely different and that’s the hardest part.

Just because you share something on social media that doesn’t mean they’ll take the time to read it or share it.

You have to entice them with a headline and then the content has to be great. So great that people feel an obligation to share it with others.

This applies to other forms of content as well which is the evergreen bomb.

The Evergreen Bomb

This is a piece of content that makes a major impact and that takes a long time to fade or never dies out.

For example, if I found a way to make $1,000 a day by reading comic strips, then that would be something people would share for a very long time.

These are not easy to write.

People write evergreen posts every single day, but how many of them genuinely garner a ton of traffic?

Almost none.

That means you really need to nail it when it comes to the evergreen bomb. It has to be something so amazing that it makes people believe they are showing off to their friends by sharing it.

For example, when COVID-19 was just starting to spread in the United States, this article on Medium was published and it went gangbusters.

The follow-up articles posted by this group have garnered a collective 60 million views.




It was an overnight success. But was it a great example of how to create a successful blog overnight?

Look at the effort that was put into the article. That’s not something you sit down and write in an hour.

That takes days, but that’s the difference between a regular piece of content that you hope gets some views and one that has the potential to explode.

So let’s say you do spend a ton of time on a piece of content and truly feel it is ready to make its entrance into the world, what do you do to give yourself the best chances of success?

How to Create a Successful Blog Overnight

One of the worst things that you can do when you’re trying to figure out how to create a successful blog overnight is think that because you hit publish people will somehow find your content and things will blow up.

This never happens.

You have to share it with people and let them know about it, but it can’t just be any people. It has to be people with a vested interest in the content.

The more interest they have, the more likely they are to share it.

You could post it on Pinterest, but that isn’t going to make it explode. Pinterest doesn’t have the type of network effect that will make a blog successful overnight.

Twitter and Facebook do so a lot of effort would have to go into those platforms.

The key would be to do your research ahead of time on who you want to hit up with your content.

It doesn’t make sense to publish your content and then hit up the people that you think will love it. Prepare them for it.

Even better, ask them for a quote or to review it before publishing. Do everything in your power to give yourself the best chance of success.

And let’s say everything works out perfectly for you. How do you make money?

You might not be thinking about that question but it’s sure a fun one to ask.

How Do You Make Money Overnight?

There are a number of ways to make money blogging. The most common one is with ads, but if you don’t have a blog up yet and your first post is going to be your big one then you can’t make money with ads.

So your success metric is going to be traffic.

However, if success to you is money then you still need a traffic, but maybe not as much as you think.

Our favorite method of making money with blogs is by creating our own offers.

Hm, let me think of an example.

Let’s say I found this awesome SEO trick that guarantees you get a top 5 ranking within 3 days for a new blog.

I write an extensive report on it but also create a Workshop that dives deeper into the method along with other techniques.

I sell the Workshop for $100.

I share the report and a couple of big SEO experts share it.

I get 10,000 visitors over the span of 3 days.

Some of these visitors are so intrigued by the report and technique that they want to take it even further and they decide to purchase the Workshop.

Let’s be really conservative and say 0.02% of the visitors purchase it. 20 people.

That’s $2,000 in 3 days.

Not too bad.

10% of the people end up signing up for my mailing list which gives me an opportunity to make money from them later.

Now that’s a success.

Deep or Shallow?

So here’s the thing, when it comes to blogging and how to create a successful blog overnight, you have a ton of options when it comes to content.

Do you write a ton of shallow posts (1,000 – 2,000) words or do you go for the really deep and time-consuming stuff?

In a perfect world I’d say that you go for both.

But most people just don’t want to write deep content that keeps people’s attention and this is why it can stand out so much.

There is a belief that many people don’t want to read long pieces of content and the truth is that many people don’t want to read long pieces of content that aren’t engaging and helpful.

You don’t want to read a 5,000-word piece and then leave thinking that it was a waste of time.

But your odds of having overnight blog success are always going to be better when you go deep because it’s where others won’t go.

So is it possible to figure out how to create a successful blog overnight?

Most definitely.

Is it likely?

Not at all.

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