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Midjourney for Blogging: 7 Simple Tips to Get the Most Out of It

One of the most tedious aspects of blogging is coming up with new images to put into your posts. It’s not fun.

Thankfully, you can use Midjourney for blogging to completely transform not only your blog but the results that you get with SEO.

For a long time, bloggers have relied on stock photo sites to help them out, but the problem with this is that you end up with blogs all using the same images.

But thanks to an AI art tool, every blogger can create their own unique creations.

We’ve been playing around with Midjourney since 2022 and it’s now gotten to the point where you can legitimately ask why not Midjourney for bloggers? It can create amazing images and as we mentioned before, each one can be unique to your blog.

But why would bloggers care about this when they can do a quick search on a stock photo site and get the photo that they want?

How Midjourney Helps Turn Your Blog Into a New World

It’s getting harder and harder to not only capture people’s attention but to keep it. And one of the best ways to capture someone’s attention is through visuals.

But when every blogger on the planet is using the same stock photo sites then nobody stands out. If you’re on Pinterest then you’ve probably noticed how a lot of pins all use the same images.

You might think that you’re amazing because you found an image that is perfect for your site only to discover that 23 other bloggers also use the image.

The alternative was to create your own images and photos with either some type of graphics application like Photoshop or get really good at photography.

But times have changed thanks to Midjourney.

Now, every blogger can create their own unique world with images that fit the brand that they have in mind.

Take for example what we’ve done here on Odd Noodle.

Using Midjourney for blogging can unlock new possibilities for bloggers.

These types of images are generated with Midjourney and people have begun to associate them with Odd Noodle.

That’s because they help to visualize the world that we are creating.

And these images only take a couple of seconds to create!

Can I Use Midjourney Images on My Blog?

Before we go any further it’s important to address the concerns about AI art. For AI art to work it has to be trained on art by other artists.

This happens with art that is publicly available and it’s used to create styles. If you ask AI to create the Mona Lisa it won’t give you a replica.

It will give you some version of the Mona Lisa.

This is something to keep in mind when you hear people talking about AI art.

What comes out of it is unique, but a lot of the inputs could’ve been created by pieces from different artists.

So if you’re wondering if you can use Midjourney for your blog then the answer is yes.

Can you copyright the images for yourself? The answer is no.

How to Use Midjourney to Create Images for Blog Posts

One of the best aspects of Midjourney is how easy it is to use. If you know how to press buttons on a keyboard then you’ll be able to generate amazing art with Midjourney.

Everything happens within Discord which at first might seem weird, but as you use Midjourney you begin to see why it makes perfect sense.

This example looks pretty crazy but what we are doing here is telling Midjourney to give us an interpretation of what we put in.

This is what is called the prompt and in this example, the prompt is this:

A mystical fantasy portrait of Aura, goddess of the dawn, breezes, and song. She has long, flowing hair the color of a sunrise that blows gently in the wind. Her skin is golden and flawless, and she has bright sky blue eyes. Aura wears flowing white robes accented with feather patterns. She is sitting meditatively under a tree at dawn, surrounded by mist and golden light. Gentle white and blue glows radiate from her skin and hair. Her expression is serene and wise. The overall mood is peaceful, delicate, and ethereal. By Martin Deschamabult --style raw

Midjourney takes this prompt and gets to drawing. If you were to enter the same prompt you would get different images.

This is the beauty of Midjourney and generative AI art.

How to Effectively Use Midjourney for Blogging

Creating images in Midjourney is always fun. But simply creating images without any thought won’t give you the true advantage that you could have.

What is that advantage?

Building a brand that is recognizable by all. For example, if you’ve gone through the Odd Noodle blog (it’s okay if you haven’t yet), then you probably noticed a number of images like this.

These are all created in Midjourney and they give Odd Noodle overall a unified feeling. It’s the world that we are creating.

We want people to see these images and immediately know they represent Odd Noodle.

Now, that doesn’t mean these are the only images that we use. For example, if we’re writing a post about food blogging, then we should have an image of some food.

A beautiful dessert photograph made in Midjourney.

Yes, this was created in Midjourney. It took me 37 seconds.

But even if we did more realistic images we could find something to make them unique to our brand. Something where you look at it and go, “That might be from Odd Noodle.”

In the short term that might not seem powerful because it takes time to build up this kind of recognition. But in the long run, it will help your blog stand out in a sea of monotony.

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