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Blogging Daily: Should You Even Bother?

So you have this blog that is staring you in the face and you’re asking yourself if you need to blog daily to grow it.

You do not need to blog daily to grow your blog. Although it can help you get more content out quicker, it can also lead to less-than-stellar content and burnout.

Because of this, you need to ask yourself what your objectives are for your blog and see if blogging daily is going to help you out.

Blogging daily, is it worth your time?

Should You Blog Daily?

Some people get lost in the idea that they need to continuously pump out content if they want their blog to grow. This isn’t true but it can help you if you understand what you’re doing.

To fully understand we need to look at how people get to blogs in the first place.

Google and Social Media

The main two ways that people arrive at your blog are through Google search results and social media.

Neither of these requires you to post to your blog daily.

If you’re just starting off then you’ll quickly find out that you won’t show up in Google for a couple of months. It doesn’t matter if you write one post a month or a post every day.

When it comes to social media, you get to dictate what goes out and when. Does this mean you need to post daily?

Not at all.

It means you get to decide what you want to say daily to your audience.

So it looks like you don’t need to blog daily but if you did is there any benefit?

Benefits of Blogging Daily

You have to look at your blog as a resource for your audience. Think of it as a library.

The more pieces of content that they find valuable, the more chances. you have to attract them.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s why many bloggers don’t experience a tipping point with their traffic until they have X number of posts published. X can vary greatly depending on the blog and niche.

So if you’re publishing high-quality content daily, then what you’re doing is adding more value to the resource that you’ve established.

If you can get 100 pieces of great content out the door in 100 days and I can only get 30 pieces of the same-quality content out in 100 days then you’ll have more opportunities to pull in traffic.

Please note that I’m saying the quality is the same.

If you publish 100 pieces of trash and I publish 10 masterpieces then I’ll have a better chance of pulling in an audience than you.

It’s never about quantity alone.

It’s never about quality alone.

It’s about the combination of quantity and quality that will push you over the top.

How to Blog Daily

Let me tell you, pushing out a new piece of blog content every single day is a monumental task. It’s a bit easier if you use AI for content, but even then you’re still doing a ton of editing.

I think the best I’ve ever done is publish 30 posts in 30 days and that was a challenge that I set up for myself.

I’m not sure how long I could continue to do that.


  • Writing quality content takes time and energy
  • Life can easily get in the way
  • Back to energy, there is only so much of it

If you’re going to attempt to blog every single day for X number of days then you’ll need a gameplan.

I’ve done the 30-day challenge twice and was successful both times.

Here is how I accomplished it.

1. Research Topics

You need to do this part first so you understand what you’re going to write about. The last thing that you want to do is decide each day what your topic is going to be.

You don’t know how long that might take and that is just going to waste valuable time.

How do you research your topics?

There are a number of different ways:

  • Find what’s popular in your niche by looking at Pinterest pins. If there is a high repin count (usually 1,000+ within a year) then that might be something you want to write about
  • Do competitive research using a tool like UberSuggest
  • Search for the things in Google that you think your audience will search for and take note of the content that is ranking on the first page

Using just these three techniques you should have content for days.

The Alphabet Soup Method is great for this.

The Alphabet Soup Method is one of the best ways to find content ideas.

2. Block Out Time Daily to Write

My advice would be to set aside the same time every single day to write. When people think they are going to write daily they come up with this fantasy that they will just find time during the day to sit down and write.

If you don’t designate a specific time of day each day before it starts to write then you won’t get the job done.

Trust me.

Doesn’t matter how organized you think you are, something will happen that will prevent you from writing. It’s always best to find a blogging routine because you now have a new job.

3. Write First, Edit Second

If you want to stand any chance of getting posts out in a decent time then you need to separate your writing from your editing.

What I mean is that when it’s time to write, you sit down and just write. You don’t go back to fix mistakes. You don’t critique every line.

You simply write.

When you are done you can go back and edit.

This will speed up your process at least 10x because as you learn how to write faster, you’ll get more things done and the process of blogging will go much smoother.

Most importantly you should learn how to write a blog post.

4. Stick to Silos

What are silos?

Think of them as the categories on your site. Instead of writing for a different silo each day, try to knock out as many pieces of content as you can for a single silo.

This is how you build out a Topic Cluster.

When you’ve run out of ideas for that silo then you can move on to the next one.

The benefit of this is that you can easily link all of your posts together to help your SEO and to boost your pageviews.

It’s better that Google and your audience see your site as an excellent resource on a specific topic rather than a site that has a million different topics spread around.

Why I Would Post Daily

If I were you I would do a daily writing challenge.


Because it’s good to see how long it takes you to write to better understand what you need to improve.

One of the biggest faults of beginning bloggers is that they don’t know how to build momentum.

Getting a healthy number of posts out the door sooner rather than later gives you a bit of a buffer for those times when you just can’t get content out.

As I mentioned before it takes some time for Google to recognize your site and if you’re using Pinterest as a traffic generator then the more content you have out on it, the better your chances of getting traffic.

So see what happens when you try to write daily. You don’t need to publish daily, but can you set aside time each day to work on content for your blog?

It’s a challenge, but it’s a good one.

And once you finally get into the habit of blogging daily you can begin to check off all of the items on your blogging daily checklist.

The Infinite Game

Blogging can be extremely frustrating when you look at it through a short-term lens. How much you get done in a month might not be what you want so you need to view it in a 3+ year timeline.

Sure, you can’t get a ton done every single month, but how much can you get done in 36 months? A lot more than you could imagine.

It’s why so many bloggers don’t make it. They want tomorrow’s results today.

This is also why it’s important to go for quick wins. When we teach our students about blogging we don’t look at things on a 6+ month timeline.

We know they can start making money as soon as they get their offer out the door.

Combine blogging with social media and over time you have a powerhouse.

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