How to Create a Blog That People Will Read

I have a saying.

I don’t blog as a hobby.

I say that because it’s easy to start a blog with the intention of making money, but to protect your ego you say things like “I’m just doing this for fun” or “it’s just a side project.”

Nah. This is for money. This is to help people. This is to do something special.

And for that to happen you need to learn how to create a blog that people will read.

It’s way too easy to fall into the trap of believing that just because you put in the time to create something that you deserve recognition for it.

Maybe we kept that lesson as a child where we would color outside of the lines, show our parents, and they would shower us with praise.

That doesn’t happen with blogging.

With blogging you have to bring the goods and those goods have to be better than whatever everyone else is bringing.

So how do you do that? Great question.

Let’s answer.

how to create a blog that people will read

How to Create a Blog That People Will Read: The Secret

When I first started to blog I figured that my brilliant writing would carry the day.

I wrote blog posts for 90 days and had a whopping 1,200 pageviews.

That’s a sign that my writing wasn’t going to carry anything.

Maybe a fart.

That was it.

However, on day 91 something changed.

And from there I realized a simple truth.

I wasn’t writing things that people wanted to read.

Here’s the thing. You can’t believe that someone will just randomly read your content.

You have to understand what people are searching for or interested in if you want them to even CONSIDER reading your content.

That’s not an option. It’s something that you MUST do.

For those first 90 days I was writing stuff that I wanted to read.

On day 91 I published something that people were interested in reading and what they were searching for.

Nobody cared about why I hated Instagram models. They cared about the facts of carbs and why they were keeping them large.

From there I only focused on content that I knew people were searching for.

How did I find that?

Finding Content that People Want

There are two main ways to do this. Okay, there are a ton, but the two ways that I talk about below are the easiest.

See What Works on Social Media

This is what I initially did because I was using Pinterest to promote my blog.

I found what content was working really well by looking at the amount of reins it had. If it had a ton of repins then it would be a topic that I would write.

That was it.


Then when I got good at writing the stuff that was working on social media I moved on to SEO.

Search Volume

That’s when I would use SEO tools to find the search volume of different keywords.

If the volume was decent and not too generic (like “balloon”) then I would write about it.

Now, this goes against what a lot of people tell you to do for SEO, but the reality was that at some point I was going to write that content, why not make it today?

So that’s what I did.

However, understanding what people were searching for was only 10% of the battle.

The other 90% is where people fall flat.

You Have to Write Great Content

This is where we have to be real with each other. The majority of blogs out there suck.

They suck because their content sucks.

None of us start off as good writers. It takes time and a lot of practice.

Eventually, you start to understand what it takes to keep people’s attention while also informing them.

When you can do that then you start to see some winners.

Until that happens though, people AND search engines will ignore you.

So get much better and learn how to write a blog post.

Keep Your Head Down, Keep Writing

One of the frustrating things about blogging is that you really don’t know what piece of content is going to take off.

If you have an ego like myself then you’ll think that every piece is going to be the one that takes off.

It probably won’t be, but that doesn’t mean that every piece of content that you publish won’t do its job.

If you do your research and understand what people want and then write about that stuff, then each piece of content should bring you in traffic.

Over time, when you have all of your content putting in work then you have yourself a nice traffic engine.

It just takes time to build it up and most people don’t want to build things up like that.

They want to create a successful blog overnight.

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