Sales Sequence #3 – Writing Course

Today is the final day to get access to [the writing course].

From my understanding, it will be open again one day so this isn’t an all-or-nothing deal. So if you can’t grab it now that’s okay.

If you aren’t sure if you’re ready for it then let’s consider this. Let’s pretend you were the extreme case of starting a business. In my mind, that’s the person who only has a phone that can connect online.

That’s it.

No computer. No website. No mailing list.

What do you do to start a business? Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you figure it out.

Here is what I would do.

  1. Write down the idea for a book. I wouldn’t write the book yet because writing a book with only a phone sounds like a huge pain.
  2. Write down the main outcome of the book and the problems that prevent people from achieving that outcome.
  3. Write a sales page in Google Docs. Again, not the most fun thing to do on a phone, but possible.

I also wouldn’t enjoy the idea of a sales page in Google Docs but it would work.

  1. Link the sales page in all of my social bios
  2. Hop on Twitter and LinkedIn and start talking about the outcome and those problems.
  3. Make enough money through pre-orders to buy a computer and get a website setup

The rest is the usual stuff.

Now, forget the logistics of it all and focus on why this would or wouldn’t work.

The only thing that can stop this from working is how I communicate about the book. That’s it.

If I make people believe the book is perfect for them, then I can easily explain why the sales page is a Google Doc or why the book isn’t ready yet.

When you decide to buy something from someone it’s because of all the communication that led to that point. It wasn’t the fancy design. It wasn’t the profile pic.

It was the communication and usually, this comes in the form of writing.

There is a reason why so many Creators are struggling. They are terrible communicators.

Being a powerful writer makes you a powerful world-builder. And when you can build worlds, you can do anything.

That’s what [the writing course] will help you do. Hopefully, you don’t have to build a business just using your phone, but if you do, then know the only thing stopping you from making money is your ability to communicate.

If you’re ready to become a better communicator and build amazing worlds for your audience, then grab [the writing course] today.

There is one more email that would be sent on this final day but it’s just to let them know that the doors are closing.

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