Sales Sequence #2 – Writing Course

I’ve never told anyone this story before so let’s keep it between you and me, okay?

In 8th grade, I had a crush on this girl. So to let her know how I feel I decided to write her a poem.

Well, that isn’t entirely accurate. I stole a poem from a book that my Mom had. It was a book full of love poems.

I found one that I liked and I wrote it on paper and gave it to the girl. I didn’t attribute it to the author, I took the credit.

I know, I know, not the greatest thing in the world, but when you have a crush on someone you do wild things.

The problem was that the girl then thought I could write poetry. So she wanted more. That was the price of having her as a girlfriend.

There were only so many poems in this book and many of them didn’t make sense to use when you’re 13 years old.

So guess what I had to do? I had to get good at poetry.


I spent a week writing poems. Every break that I had I would write a poem no matter how crappy it was.

Over that week I easily wrote over 100 poems in which the majority were garbage.

But some weren’t bad. They were good enough to give to my crush and keep the charade up that I was a poet.

And here’s the thing. It wasn’t a charade anymore.

I was a poet now.

I wrote poetry so I was a poet. I didn’t take a class. Nobody taught me.

I simply wrote poetry until I started to get decent at it. Then I wrote more until I was good at it.

It got to the point where if you needed a poem on the spot, I could produce it for you.

All it required was repetition.

The same goes for any type of writing. The more repetition the better as long as it’s good repetition.

My poetry only became decent because I mirrored what I saw in that book. Back then (the 90s) it was different. Everyone in the world didn’t have a book. It was usually just the best of the best.

In today’s world, you know that’s different. Today everyone is writing something so if you wanted to mirror someone, you might not know if you’re mirroring a good writer or a bad writer.

Not all communication is the same. But you already know this.

There is a difference between writing to gain followers and writing to build customers. A lot of people are good at gaining followers but terrible at building customers.

I focus on building customers and got good at it because I did a lot of writing.

But I would’ve gotten better at it quicker if I had the right course to guide me and I think [the writing course] is the right course for you to learn from.

Yesterday, I mentioned that if you buy it through my link and send me the receipt, I’d include you in my private study group for the course. That’s still on the table, but let’s throw in something else. I’ve put together a secret book of sales writing.

I haven’t published this book anywhere and I won’t for another 6 months. The only people that will get it right now are those that purchase through my link.

Now, before you think this is nefarious because only these people will get it, please keep in mind there are plenty of other sales writings that I’ll share with everyone.

Plus, this book will be available 6 months from now so consider this the easy way to get early access.

All you have to do is purchase [the writing course] and you can dive right in.

PS: Tomorrow, I’m going to show you how to start a business with just your phone and some words. It’s an extreme exercise, but aren’t those the best kind?

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