5 Amazing Things Anyone Can Do to Make Good Money Online

Yes, you can make good money online.

That sounds really dumb to say and we hate saying it because that phrase alone sounds scammy as hell. But it’s the truth.

We’ve helped 1000s of people do it and we continue to do so.

Anyone can make money online. There isn’t a crazy system that you need to learn or a mystery that you need to solve.

Go on Pinterest and check out any big blog. Everything they do to make money is sitting right there in front of you. The same can be said with YouTube.

And we aren’t talking about the people like us who are directly teaching you how to make money online. We’re talking about the people who talk about knitting, freezer meal guides, comic books, or whatever else tickles their fancy.

It might seem so obvious to you that you don’t actually believe it. You might think that there is a secret that you are missing but there really isn’t. If you study enough success stories you can see the methods that they use.

How to Make Good Money Online

Before we dive into the 5 ways we make money online we want to talk to you about the most important aspect of making money online no matter what route you decide to take: building an audience.

If you can build an audience online then you have an easy road to making money.

This is a basic concept to understand. If you have an audience that pays attention to you, you can make money. Remember that. It’s the core concept of any audience whether it’s online or offline. Without an audience (clients, customers, members), you have no business.

The reason is that there is a simple formula that every business and person must follow to make money.

Audience x Offer(s) = $$$$$$$

The problem is that many people just don’t know how to build an audience or don’t put any focus on building an audience. Instead, they concern themselves with blog themes, Twitter posts, and other small things that don’t move the needle.

One of the very first things that I teach my students is that you should create an offer (a simple digital product like an eBook) and then go for the audience. You don’t need to complicate things. A successful online business can be just that simple.

If you can get traffic to your digital product, then the whole world begins to open up for you.

It’s great that some bloggers will tell you that you don’t need much traffic to make money and they aren’t wrong, but if you can get a lot of traffic everything becomes much easier for you.

The key is that by having an offer, you now have a chance to make money with every single person that you interact with.

Make It Easy With a Good Niche

Now, let’s address something else which is going to be bad news for some of you.

If you want to make money online then we’re not going to tell you to follow your passion. Instead, we advise you to do stuff that has been proven to work.

There really is no reason to try a different niche for your first blog.

We’ve spoken with people that want to know how to make money blogging about the topics they are most passionate about and they assume that they will do well simply because they believe other people love the topics as much as they do.


What people love are things that make their lives easier and better. Why do you think how to make money blogs, personal finance blogs, and health blogs do so well?

Don’t hesitate to start a blog in a big and popular niche. The audience is already established in those areas so it’s pretty silly to avoid them.

With that being said let’s dive into the ways that we make money online.

The 5 Ways That We Make Money Online

We’re going to surprise you here and say that one of the ways isn’t by creating content.

We create content on this blog and we create tons of valuable content on our TikTok channels, YouTube Channel, and other places as well. Nobody pays us to create content.

However, the whole reason why we can make money online is because of content creation so if you want to make money online we suggest you get started making your own content.

Blogging is a marketing platform. TikTok is a marketing platform. Fancy marketing people like to call it content marketing.

Creating content gives you the opportunity to build an audience which in turn gives you the chance to open up new revenue streams.

Get this straight, content creation opens the doors for a ton of opportunities for you. So when you see other people talk about the virtues of content creation, they aren’t talking about how awesome it is to write a piece of content or film a video.

In fact, there are days when one of the last things we want to do is create more content.

But what content does is level the playing field for everyone involved. Absolutely anyone in the world can hop online and create content to try and attract an audience. That’s amazing and also terrible.

It’s amazing because it gives you a shot. It’s terrible because there is a lot of competition, but that’s just how the game works.

Oh, and just to show you we know what we’re talking about here is one of our best weeks earning money online.

5 Ways to Make Money Good Money Online

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about some ways that content creation can help you make good money online.

1. Ads

This one is specific to blogging, but there are lots of ways to use ads or sponsored posts with all types of content creation. This is the second easiest way from a technical standpoint to make money online because you don’t have to do much to get them set up. If you use one of the ad networks that we mentioned above then they actually do all of the work for you!

With blogging, you do need a shit ton of traffic for this to be effective. By this, we mean at least 50,000 page views before you even want to consider putting ads up on your site.

We don’t use ads on all of my blogs but the few that we do, we use AdThrive or Mediavine and both have been wonderful.

Now we know the question you are asking is how much money do we make for the amount of traffic that we get? IWeget paid every time an ad is shown on our site but you get fractions of a penny for each view. For this reason, ad dollars are measured in CPM.

This means that for every 1,000 page views we make $X amount of money.

So with AdThrive/Mediavine, depending on the niche and the quality of ads, the CPM fluctuates between $5 – $30 per 1,000 page views.

If we do 100,000 page views in a month (the minimum you need to apply to AdThrive) then we will make anywhere between $500 and $2,000 for that month. Again, it’s dependent on the topics that you write about.

Not bad, but not great considering the other ways that you can make money.

However, ads are the most passive way to make money online. Your only focus is to get people to continue to come to your site which can be challenging in its own right.

As an example, in May, we did about $4,000 a month in ad revenue.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online from a technical standpoint because you don’t have to do anything but post a link on your site or social media channels.

That link points to a manufacturer of some product that will pay you every time someone purchases from them.

For example, if we run a car blog and sign up for an affiliate program with a car parts shop, we can link the different car parts that we like on our blog and when people click on the link and purchase from the car parts shop we get a cut.

The commission that you get is totally dependent on the affiliate program. There is no status quo. we’ve seen percentages range from 4% to 90%.

However, making money with affiliate marketing is a lot harder than people present it. You might think that all you need to do is put a link on your site and then watch the money flow but that isn’t the case.

You have to do a lot of upfront work to convince your audience that they want/need a particular product. If you can’t do that then your links will just sit there unclicked.

3. eBooks

We love writing eBooks because you can make them as simple or as complicated as you want. The easiest way to make an ebook is to simply write it in some type of word processing application (Word, Pages, or Google Docs) and export it as a PDF.

There you go. You now have an eBook that the world will enjoy.

eBooks are a great starter product for many bloggers (or anyone for that matter) because everyone has the tools to create them. Some people believe that your ebook has to be super long for it to be successful and we’ve seen 4-page ebooks do well and 200-page ebooks bomb.

It’s completely dependent on the subject matter and what problem you are trying to solve. If you don’t even want to set up your own website you can use a tool like ConvertKit to get the whole sales funnel set up.

What about selling? You’d be surprised that selling an ebook can easily be done with the right ebook sales funnel. And you keep most of the money!

4. Other Digital Products

This is one of our products, The 12-Hour eBook Method

We just got done talking about ebooks, but we love almost all types of digital products. Why? This is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online when you have an audience.

To make $1,000 with ads (on a good ad network) you need to do between 70,000 – 250,000 page views a month (remember it depends on the niche). That’s a lot of people!

To make $1,000 with affiliate marketing you might need to sell a couple dozen/hundred items.

With online courses, you can make $1,000 by selling just a couple (dependent on price).

For example, one of our Digital Products is $99. To make $1,000 a month we need to sell 10 a month. That doesn’t require us to get 100,000 people to the site. Hopefully, it only requires less than 100.

The Best Way to Make Good Money Online

Having your own digital products to sell is definitely the best way to make good money online because you don’t need a ton of traffic to start.

You also get all of the money unlike you do with affiliate marketing. But does creating a digital product have to be difficult? Not at all!

The goal of our 12-Hour eBook Method is to help you get a book out the door and ready to sell in just a few of days.

5. Services

Offering some type of service is another great way to make money online. It could be coaching (1-on-1 or group) or some type of consulting.

People want help with things and they often rather have someone else do it for them. Don’t be surprised if there is a hidden service within you that you could easily offer people.

Sometimes we do specialized coaching where we help to grow someone’s online business, but this is rare because it means we are trading time for money. It can be a great way to make some upfront money but it can be very hard to scale.

More Ways to Make Money Online

These aren’t the only ways to make money online. There are a ton of other options:

  • Podcasting
  • Dropshipping
  • E-commerce
  • Freelance writing

Making good money online is not as difficult as it may seem. With a bit of creativity, research, and determination anyone can find a way to make money online.

Whether it’s through freelancing, selling items, or even blog writing, there are plenty of ways to make money online – you just have to find the right one that works for you. With a little bit of effort and the right attitude, you can make good money online and achieve your financial goals.

How We Help People Learn to Make Money Online

We here at Odd Noodle have been helping people make money online for over 7 years now and we are able to do so by following a simple process.

Before your eyes light up we will admit that it’s a simple process to follow, but the hard part is sticking with it. That’s where everyone who fails seems to fall short. There are no ways to get rich overnight.

It doesn’t happen. But there are amazing ways to build something that can help you quit your job in 3 months. The question simply becomes are you willing to put in the time and effort?

If so then be sure to check out our Playbook to get a better idea of how you can build an online business that makes money for you 24/7.

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Because while the money is great, freedom is better.

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