Marty & Yanni

Now back to Marty.

He’s using this funnel and it’s working. However, to make more money he knows he needs to drive more volume to the page.

Just like I had to do before my wife wrote that blog post.

So he uses all the tips, tricks, and hacks to do so.

Marty’s brother, Yanni, wants to sell a course on playing the piano. So he goes to Marty to see what he does to make money online.

Marty explains the funnel to him and it all makes perfect sense to Yanni. But Yanni doesn’t like the idea of pressuring his audience to make a decision.

(Marty wanted Yanni to implement an Evergreen Deadline funnel where a person would get a special deal to buy the course for just $99.

His audience would get a series of emails where the 7th email would explain that the offer is expiring.)

He doesn’t want to ruin the relationship that he has with people and Marty explains that’s just how things are.

Yanni also doesn’t like the idea of focusing more on driving traffic to a landing page instead of creating content that helps his audience and strengthens his relationship with them.

Maybe Yanni is too much of an idealist.

But he wants his people to be happy. He wants every interaction to be a positive one.

That isn’t too much to ask. Or is it?

He thinks about his favorite restaurant. Every time he goes it is crowded but that’s okay because the service (and food) is amazing.

While waiting for your table they offer you a choice of appetizers. When you’re seated at the table you’re quickly greeted by a server who tells you the day’s specials.

And then they leave and that’s the best part.

You have all the time in the world to look at the menu and decide what you want.

There is no pressure to get things done.

If you have questions about the meals the server is patient and answers everything with joy.

The whole experience is amazing and that’s what Yanni wants his audience to feel.

So what does Yanni do?

He does what he does best: offer tons of value for free.

Yanni puts a ton of videos up on his site that are free to watch. They help people with varying problems and people love him for it. Each video is assigned to a part of the customer journey.

He has the sales page up but instead of making the person feel like they have to buy, he gives them an option.

You can buy it now or you can continue to go through these free resources.

However, if you need help with this specific thing, it can be found in the paid offer because that allows him to provide you with better care.

This way he has no problem sending people directly to the sales page. In fact, it makes sense because it allows the person to decide if they are ready or not.

If they aren’t then that’s okay because they can explore the site and get whatever help is available.

And that’s exactly what I did with my health site.

Because I had no idea who was going to the sales page, I put different options up for varying audiences to go look through more free resources.

Mom wanting to help her kids eat healthier? Check out my wife’s blog post.

Looking to lose weight and wondering how the journey is? Check out my blog post on how I lost 20 lbs in 3 months.

Ready to get started now? Here is the buy button.

Was it a perfect funnel? Probably not, but it was a funnel that I was comfortable with. It allowed me to continue to focus on creating content with value instead of scheming how to drive traffic to a pressured sales page.

This led to fewer customer refunds because those who bought the offer had gone through and understood why it would be for them.

It also led to more success stories because people bought it when it was time for them. They were motivated and ready to go instead of distraught they spent money they weren’t sure they should spend.

I want my businesses to offer me peace of mind and I get that when I treat my audience with respect.

That’s what a Feel Good Funnel allows me to do.

But there was still a problem and that was the fact that my mailing list was growing, but it wasn’t being used as a sales funnel. At least not in the way that you think.

Let’s talk about how I changed that…

Here's How You Build a 6-Figure Business With the 3 Engine Framework

In today's world, it's not enough to simply know how to create a digital product.

You need to know the whole system to make your business flourish.

This is why you build a Full Stack Engine. Not only because you need a system that you can maximize, but also a system that allows you to walk away when you need.

Because while the money is great, freedom is better.

And true freedom arrives when you have all 3 business engines running on their own.