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The Newsletter Funnel

Newsletters are all the rage and for good reason. People love to get an email that is packed with the exact information they are looking for.

But there is also a small problem with Newsletter.

They aren’t great at selling. Why?

People open a newsletter with the expectation to always see the newsletter. It’s like getting your Sunday paper every week, but one time it’s a stack of postcards.

What I see a lot of Creators then do is start to send a sales sequence to their audience which makes sense.

But think about what you’re doing.

You’re not asking your audience if they are ready to learn about a new part of the journey. You’re simply saying, “Because you’re subscribed to my newsletter I’m going to hit you with a sales sequence you aren’t prepared for.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that you’re going to get people unsubscribing. They didn’t sign up for that!

Which in turn makes some Creators think that it doesn’t matter. They’re going to continue to build their mailing list and people unsubscribe all of the time.

But there is a more effective strategy that you can go with and that’s allowing your audience to Choose Their Own Adventure.

When the Hero Is Ready

For one of my other businesses, I write tales of adventure that are playable. You get to choose what’s going to happen next with your character.

And you know why that’s amazing?

Because it’s your choice. You don’t feel forced into a decision. You aren’t required to go somewhere you don’t want to.

You make the choice and because of that, you pay more attention to the adventure.

Why can’t you do that with your audience?

You don’t know when they’re ready for one of your offers, but they do. Instead of hoping that they luck upon the offer when the time is right, give them a link to start a new adventure.

By clicking the link in the newsletter, they are raising their hand and telling you they are ready to go on that quest.

And this is where you can start your sales sequence. Of course, it’s not a normal sales sequence.

Most people wouldn’t readily sign up for one of those. Instead, it’s a sequence that helps them level up. To see more of what they need to do to go further.

At the end of the adventure, if they’re ready to buy the offer they will, and if not? They’ll get back on the main path (the newsletter) until they are ready in the future.

I’m sure you’re wondering what happens if they choose to go on the adventure again. Then you can do a number of different things.

  1. Send a special email talking about the offer
  2. Create another adventure to entice them to buy the offer
  3. Let them know you’d be happy to hop on a call with them if they have specific questions

You’re not trying to lose your customers. You’re building them.

You’re letting them know you’ll be there but you also want to guide them along to a better solution.

You Need Oxygen

Money is oxygen.

Without it, you have no business.

With it, you can breathe easily.

This isn’t about making less money. This isn’t about making it more difficult to make money.

This is about building a business that you love and your customers love as well. One that can continue to grow as people share the experience they have with you.

One that creates Superfans.

Feel Good Funnels not only do a great job of putting the customer first, but they are also extremely flexible.

If you’re ready to dive in and learn how you can implement your own Feel Good Funnels then let’s get started.

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