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Getting Started

First, it’s impossible to create a course that encompasses every single possible way there is to make money online.

I mean, I guess it’s possible, but you’d have to bring in experts to handle the different parts.

So what is this course about?

This course is how we build 6 & 7-figure brands consistently with digital products.

That means it doesn’t mean they are wrong if you come across someone telling you that you need to do affiliate marketing or coaching or dropshipping or print on demand.

It just means that’s how they know how to effectively make money online.

What this course will help you do is build something that allows you the freedom to do whatever you want. You’ll learn how to create digital products and sell them.

You’ll learn how to build an audience that loves what you do.

Why Digital Products?

What’s so great about digital products?

  • Can be sold 24/7 without you being around
  • Can be easily created
  • Don’t take up inventory
  • Everyone understands them
  • Can be sold separate or bundled

Most importantly they follow the principle of create once, sell twice.

Theory vs Practice

If it made sense to simply give you a list of steps for you to execute then that’s what this course would do. And while it will have plenty of actionable steps to follow it will also have a lot of theory.


Not because I want to be long-winded with you. It’s because not everything goes to plan so it’s important to understand the principle behind something so you can troubleshoot on your own.

If every business could be built like IKEA furniture then you would just need a simple pamphlet to follow, but what happens when your content isn’t doing what you think it should be doing?

How do you figure out what’s wrong if you don’t understand the theory around attention-grabbing content?

So this course will try it’s best to be as actionable as possible you must understand how important theory is to building a successful online business.

Spending Money

In theory, you can start an online business without spending a dime and we’ll show you ways to make that happen. But not spending any money also comes with a cost and we’ll be sure to explain those as we move throughout this course.

When we do suggest that you spend money on something it’s because we believe it will make your life easier an help your business move in the right direction.

We don’t want you to spend until you understand why you’re spending money but even then, don’t believe that it’s impossible to succeed without spending money.

That’s the beauty of building an online business. Anything is possible.

How to Go Through This Course

This is a course that might not ever end. It’s currently a work in progress but even when we think the majority of it is done, there will always be stuff to add.

That’s why it’s important to sign up for our newsletter (no sales pitches) not only to gain further insights into building an amazing online business, but to stay up-to-date with what’s happening with this course.

With that being said, how should you go through this course?

We suggest that you first go through at least the Foundation section of the course without doing anything else. This helps you build an understanding of the philosophy of online business and also helps you see how everything works.

From there you can follow the course in the order that we’ve set out or if you find you need help with a particular section jump directly to that.

Make it a habit to continue to come back to this course because as you start to build your business you’ll hit new roadblocks and encounter new revelations that will change how you look at things.

Up Next…

The Plan

You want to build a $300/day business. Here's how...

In today's world, anyone can build a business that makes at least $300 a day. But you don't want to work 24/7 doing it.

So you need a system.

You need to know the whole system to make your business flourish.

This is why you build an Automated Sales Machine. Not only because you need a system that you can maximize, but also a system that allows you to walk away when you need it.

What would you do if you had a business that was making $300 a day every day?