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How to Write Good Headlines That Your Aunt Loves

We love in the era of attention also known as the Attention Economy which means that every second is important for your reader. If you lose their interest then they will leave and go find something else that they think will be interesting.

This is why you need to learn to write good headlines. They are the first thing that someone comes across when they’re thinking about viewing your post.

Think about the search results you see in Google.

how to write good headlines

Speed Reading – How to Absorb Information Quickly…

That seems intriguing so I’d definitely check it out if that was something that I was searching for.

So the reason why you’re here is to understand how to write good headlines to kill with copywriting so let’s dive right into it.

How to Write Good Headlines

It’s important to always keep in mind the context in which someone is viewing a headline. It’s one of thing if they are already on your site and browsing around and it’s another when they are viewing the headlines on social media or search results.

If you get too cute with things then nobody will know what the article is about and you don’t want that to happen. For that reason, these general rules should do a good job of helping write headlines that have an impact.

Be Clear and Concise

I’ll admit that sometimes I can get a bit wordy with my headlines but that’s because my audience in general knows my style. When writing a headline for SEO purposes then it’s important that I’m very clear and very concise.

You need the message to have a big impact in a short space and big impact is hard to achieve without clarity.

Be Conversational

We have enough brands talking to us and if we wanted to read the news then we’d go to the library and read old newspapers. Because even today’s news understands the importance of sounding conversational.

People want to believe that people are talking to them. When being conversational, say the sentence out loud and see if it’s something you would say.

The Headline Alone Should Work

Can people get the gist of the article from the headline alone? You aren’t writing a novel that has a cliffhanger. You want people to understand the purpose of the article and what information it will contain for them.

Those who want more will dive in and seek more but only if they feel that there is something else for them.

Ask a Question

Not every headline that you write should ask a question, but don’t forget how effective they can be to getting someone’s attention.

For example, this post could’ve been title, Can Redheads Write Good Headlines? That would make some people curious although it’s probably a bit much.

I might have to give it a shot though because I kind of like. Argh, the power of a good headline!

Why and How

Answering why or how can be a great way to create a good headline. 100 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs (Yeah, I Said It).

Apply the 4 U’s of Copywriting

If you need a framework for writing amazing headlines then follow the 4 U’s of copywriting.

  • Be USEFUL to the reader
  • Provide them with a sense of URGENCY
  • Convey the idea that the main benefit is somehow UNIQUE
  • Do all of the above in an ULTRA-SPECIFIC way

When you combine this framework with these 6 questions you can do amazing things. Oh yeah, I forgot the 6 questions.

  1. Does your headline offer the reader a reward for reading
  2. What specifics could you add to make your headline more intriguing and believable?
  3. Does your headline trigger a strong, actionable emotion the reader already has about the subject at hand?
  4. Does your headline present a proposition that will instantly get your prospect nodding his or her head?
  5. Could your headline benefit from the inclusion of a proposed transaction?
  6. Could you add an element of intrigue to drive the prospect into your opening copy?

Again, combine these questions with the 4 U’s framework and you have an unstoppable formula for writing good headlines.

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