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Your book is on its way. Don’t worry, what follows below isn’t a sales pitch. It’s info to help you better understand how to use the book.

When I was little I didn’t have many toys. I did have a small set of LEGOs. It wasn’t the crazy sets that you see today.

It was the small boxes with very plain blocks. But every single day I’d build something new with those LEGOs.

The lack of pieces never stopped me from building because the limitation was never in the blocks. The limitations only existed with my imagination.

The same principle applies to your business.

You can make whatever work for your business. You’re not going to be dependent on a single tool. The tools that we decide to use we do so because we like how they fit within the systems that we’ve created.

The goal isn’t to say, “This is the end all be all of Tools and you MUST use it.”

The goal is to show you simply how we run our businesses so you have a better idea of how to apply different tools to different use cases.