Side Hustles

The truth of the matter is that I don’t believe in side hustles.

That might sound weird coming from someone that teaches you how to build an online business, but I say that because a business is a business.

Here at Pocket Business we define a business simply as Audience x Offer = Money.

How is a side hustle any different than that?

It isn’t.

People often talk about how their side hustles were able to scale to full-on businesses. That’s false.

They were always businesses!

Side hustles aren’t little children that hope to one day grow up and be big businesses.

They are businesses from the start and they are businesses at the end.

The exact same rules apply to a side hustle as they do a normal business.

I guess people like to call them side hustles because it makes them sound more attainable. “I have a side hustle” kind of gives you some leeway as well, right?

If it works out, great.

If it doesn’t work out then you can just push it aside because it was nothing more than a side hustle.

However, if you want to make money with a side hustle, whatever that may be, you still need to follow the simple business formula I stated above.

You also get to apply our Pocket Business Framework which is:

If you can do those things then your side hustle will make you money. If you don’t do those things then your side hustle won’t make you money.

And guess what?

If can do those things with your business then you will make money. If you can’t do those things with your business then you won’t make money.

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