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The Roadblock or Pain Points & Problems

You know the only thing people buy (if you’ve forgotten already it’s Improvement).

Now let’s talk about what pushes them to buy. Because if you’re like me, maybe you try to find your own solutions.

“Why would anyone sign up to use that software when they could just do it in Google Sheets?”

This is where someone tries to break down the brilliant marketing tactics used by the company. 

But the answer is a lot simpler than that. And it’s better.

People buy solutions because they’ve hit a roadblock that is preventing them from getting the improvement that they want.

I can’t emphasize how important this is for your mindset if you want to sell anything online.

“Why would anyone want to buy that?” 

That’s not what someone else is asking you. That is what your pain in the ass brain is saying after you create something.

It starts to create doubt because it’s scared. It doesn’t like failure.

But there is your answer.

People are going to buy it because it makes it easier to reach the improvement that they want.

It’s like going to the store to buy a salad when there are plenty of resources online showing you how you can grow your own vegetables at home.

But that doesn’t help me if I want a healthy meal right now.

It does help me though if I want to save money over time by growing my own food.

People actively look for solutions when there is a roadblock.

And this is also the biggest problem with marketing and growing a business.

You have no idea who is actively searching for a solution or when they are doing it. We’ll look at this problem later.

Technically, anyone can do anything on their own or take the time to research how to do something, but they don’t.

Instead, it’s much easier to look for people willing to give you the shortcut to the desired result.

That’s why people buy now and will continue to buy in the future.

And with this knowledge you know more than 99.9999% of the people out there trying to build their own businesses.

You know what people want and why they buy it.

Now you just need to know how it all works.

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