Discover How to Make 100k in One Year as a Content Creator

I don’t know why, but $100,000 seems to be the perfect FIRST big goal of being an online creator.

Why? I have no idea.

Maybe 6-figures sounds better than 5-figures.

6-figures feels like a milestone and it’s probably the number that gets your friends and family to finally shut up about what you do. Or at the very least will get them asking how they can do it.

But the question then is how do you make this happen and more specifically how to make 100k in one year?!

That’s what I’m going to cover here and if you follow this plan, you will find success. If you veer from this plan then that’s on you.

IKEA gives you the instructions to get the job done. When you decide that one wooden peg doesn’t really need to go into that hole then you’ve veered off course and are responsible for what happens next.

Is This Possible for Me?

That’s the first question you might have to answer if you want to move forward because the only thing stopping you from making $100,000 in your first year is you.

I say that because somehow you’ve found this article, which means you can get online. And if you can get online then you can create content. And if you can create content then you can build an audience. And if you can build an audience then you can make money.

You get the point.

But you still might be asking yourself that question.

Is this possible for me?

I don’t know you but after all of my years of doing this myself and teaching others, the only limitation to people has been mindset.

It isn’t money. It isn’t knowledge. It isn’t skills.

It’s mindset.

That’s not something I’ll cover here, but just know that millions of people have been able to hop online and make money starting with the content that they create. That means you can do it as well.

It Isn’t Linear

Speaking of linear, one of mistakes you can make is to think that each month is supposed to be the same.

$100,000 / 12 = $8,333.33 per month

The objective isn’t to make $8,000 in the first month. While that would be awesome, you might not see your first $1,000 until month 3. Just know that if you keep your head down and stay consistent with what you learn here then each month will be better than the last.

Your growth will be the hockey stick growth that has been shown over and over with anything that relates to compounding.

The 4-Step Process to $100,000 in a Year

The more complicated something is then the less likely I am to do it. Maybe you’re the same way and if so you’re in luck!

Because the process for making money isn’t complicated I’m not going to pretend it’s a 100-step process.

So what are the 4 steps? For this we simply need to follow the Pocket Business Framework:

  1. Get them to notice you
  2. Get them to pay attention to you
  3. Get them to trust you
  4. Convert that trust into money

That’s it.

Now, this is where people get tripped up. There are a number of different ways you can apply each step.

So you might see one person say that they make money by starting an agency while another might talk about creating ebooks. Is one more right than the other?

Not at all.

Is Twitter better than LinkedIn for making money? It depends on different things.

That’s what makes the Pocket Business Framework so great. It’s a strategy that allows you to apply a number of different tactics to make things work.

But that still doesn’t tell you too much because you don’t even know any tactics. So what do you do?

Don’t worry, I got you covered.

1. Pick an Audience

Some people like to start with choosing a topic. They’ll tell you to pick your passions or interests.


This is about making $100,000 in 365 days so it’s best we go the shortest route.

We need to pick an audience because if we know the audience then we can figure out what they want. And if we know what they want then we can figure out how to give it to them in exchange for money.

My advice would be to pick an audience that fall under one of the 3 Egos:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Sex

Pick an audience that wants more of one of those and you’re putting yourself in a good position.


Because those are the big things that everyone wants.

Give them more of that and they’ll give you money for it.

We’ll use an example of a student here at Struggle College. Deya from Digital Business Manager Bootcamp.

Deya’s audience is freelancers.

What does she help freelancers with?

Making more money.


2. Figure Out What They Want

If you don’t know what people want then how can you give it to them?

Understanding what people really want is the difference between going 10 years without making a penny and making $100,000 in the next year.

And this is very important to remember…

What people want is never something complicated.

Remember the 3 Egos above?

There is a reason why we chose them. They are the final outcomes that people want.

Deya wants to help freelancers make more money.

And now that she knows this she can begin to create content around that.

3a. Create a Mailing List

I’m labeling this one as 3a because it’s not a mandatory step that should be done right away. Especially when you aren’t too sure what your mailing list is going to be about.

But if you can get one set up with the intention of sending out (at least) weekly content then it’s good to get one up.

Why should you care about a mailing list?

To put it simply it means you don’t have to worry about the algorithm.

Everywhere else that you create content is reliant on the algorithm showing your content to the right people.

There is no algorithm on your mailing list. People see an email arrive and they decide if they will read it or not.

Also, within an email, you can talk about things that probably wouldn’t do well on social media. What I mean is that with social media you’re usually dealing with surface-level content.

The people that sign up for your mailing list are the ones that want to go deeper into the topics that you cover.

But remember, this step isn’t mandatory until later. You might want to work on 3b first to get a feel for the content that you’re creating and the audience that you’re talking to.

And that’s just fine.

If you want to move forward with this step then check out how to create a mailing list and get your first 100 subscribers.

3b. Pick a Platform and Create Content

Find a platform where your audience is at and that has a built-in network effect. These are social networks.

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

This list isn’t definitive. It just happens to be the big players.

Once you have your platform you need to create content.

But you can’t create just any type of content.

It has to be content that makes them believe that it will help them achieve the outcome they desire.

Deya has a YouTube Channel.

If her content was about what she eats every single day then it wouldn’t make sense to the audience she is trying to attract. Thankfully, if you go through her videos you can see that most of them are geared toward freelancers looking to make more money.

Creating this type of content consistently fulfills the first 3 steps of the Pocket Business Framework:

  1. Get them to notice you
  2. Get them to pay attention to you
  3. Get them to trust you

It’s very important that you do two things when creating content:

  1. Be consistent. Show up every single day for your audience. This becomes much easier when you have a Content Generation System.
  2. Understand what works, what doesn’t, and why. Don’t publish content blindly for months expecting that one day something will happen. If you don’t want to publish blindly then it’s crucial that you apply the PQO Content Framework to your content.

Once you start seeing traction with content and you don’t have a mailing list in place be sure to get on that now.

4. Create an Offer and Sell It

Now comes the money part.

This is where you create some type of offer and sell it. An offer can be many different things:

  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Book
  • Course
  • Workshop
  • Software

And maybe 100 other things.

The goal of the offer is that it fulfills one promise which gets people either closer to their desired outcome or helps them achieve it.

Deya offers a course called the DBM Bootcamp. It helps freelancers transition into Digital Business Managers so that they can make more money.

This fulfills the final step of the Pocket Business Framework of converting trust into money.

Repeat Step 3b

The name of the game is attention and that means creating content consistently.

The more attention you’re able to capture, the better your chances of making money.

You’ll be amazed to see the difference posting content for 90 days straight can do.

A Numbers Game

I think making money becomes a lot easier when you begin to see some of the numbers behind things.

Since we’ve been using Deya as an example let’s keep it going.

Deya has 3 tiers to her DBM Bootcamp, but let’s just look at the first tier which goes for $497 ($500 to make it easier).

To reach $100,000 in a year she needs to sell 200 of them.

I don’t want to go too crazy with the different calculations but let’s say she’s able to get 10,000 people to visit the sales page over a year.

Just 10,000 people. That might seem like a lot when you’re starting from scratch, but consider all of the content you can create in a year that will send people to this page.

This means she needs to get 2% of the people that visit the page to buy.

What happens if she gets 20,000 people to visit the page? Then she just needs 1%.

And this doesn’t take into account the other tiers of the offer or the other offers that she also has.

What happens when you have 5 offers available?

You should be able to see the possibilities here.

Also, keep in mind that it won’t be linear progress. You’ll find that you get most of your people in the final 6 months, maybe even the final 3.

However, if you stick with content creation and building an audience then you begin to see the compounding nature of content.

How to Make It Happen

This is where things get interesting because you can read this post and nod your head the whole way through.

It makes sense, right?

But understanding doesn’t mean it will happen. Understanding is the easy part.

Taking action is the hard part.

If you need help with taking action and understanding what needs to be done then take the FREE 7-Day Part-Time Creator Bootcamp. It will show you the steps that you should start to take today to begin your journey to $100,000.

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