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The Fastest Way to Make Money Online With Practically 0 Audience

When you’re an online creator the name of the game is momentum.

It’s much easier to push through the roadblocks when things are going well. The longer it takes to go without a small win means the greater chance you quit.

And nobody wants that.

So what do you do?

Make sure you’re on the right path. Make sure you’re equipped to use the fastest way to make money online so that you don’t lose momentum.

Once you know you’re on the right path then you can dedicate all your resources to it.

And that means knowing that what you’re doing is something your audience wants.

But doesn’t that take a ton of research along with 6+ months of training?

Not really. Thanks to social media you’re able to get in front of some people to see if an idea you have will work.

But how will you know it works?

They’ll pay you.

The Best Form of Validation Is…

A woman sits in a chair and she is happy to be learning the fastest way to make money online.

If you want to validate an idea the best thing you can do is get people to pay you for it.

It doesn’t help to tell people about your idea because they don’t have to pay anything and therefore will tell you how it’s a good idea. What harm does it cause them?

But getting people to pay for an idea is a different game. You know if they pay for it then it’s something that they really want.

It’s easy to think that you need to spend months or years building up an audience before you present them with an offer, but the goal isn’t to get 1,000 customers on the first try.

The goal is to validate that people want the idea.

And to do that you can create a Quick Validation Offer.

What is that?

Fastest Way to Make Money Online: Quick Validation Offers

A Quick Validation Offer (QVO) is a small offer that you can put together in a couple of days that you can then sell to your audience.

The best QVOs are workshops or challenges because they make people feel they can achieve an outcome in a short time.

For example, if you decided that you wanted to help social media marketers, then you might create a workshop around creating 100 unique images for your social media campaigns in less than 30 minutes.

But here is the catch and it’s a good catch.

With a QVO you don’t create the offer until you’ve sold it.

That’s right. That means you can make money before you create anything.

How is that possible?


How to Sell a QVO

To sell a QVO it comes down to understanding exactly the outcome your audience wants and letting them know you’re going to show them how to get it.

A simple post letting people know that you’re thinking about creating a workshop showing people how to achieve a specific outcome is enough to let you know if it’s an idea people want.

If you don’t get any bites, you can adjust the messaging until you get people wanting to buy it.

Remember, the goal isn’t to get 100 buyers. While that would be great, you don’t need 100 people to validate your idea.

You just need a couple.

If this process doesn’t sound complex it’s because it isn’t.

Is it much easier to do this with an audience?

Of course.

Everything is easier with an audience, but a lack of an audience shouldn’t stop you from doing this either.

1. Figure Out the Outcome

What exactly does your audience want?

This should be pretty easy, but what usually happens is that people like to tell other people what they NEED. That’s not what people want to hear.

They want to hear that you can help them get what they want.

This blog post is a perfect example.

You want to make more money and I’m telling you how to achieve that. I could’ve started off with something deeper about branding or starting with your Why, but that’s stuff that can come much later.

The Outcome that people want is never hidden. It’s out there in plain sight so don’t get cute with things.

If you think the outcome is too broad then figure out a piece of the journey that will lead to the outcome.

Again, let’s stick with this post. Let’s say the outcome that you want is to make $250,000 a year by being a content creator.


I’m telling you that the best way to start that journey is with a Quick Validation Offer so this post is relevant to the bigger outcome by showing you a smaller step that leads to it.

2. Choose a Platform and Engage

Now you need to choose a platform (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc) and engage with people in your niche.

But first, you should create content around your QVO idea.

Then when you go out and engage with other content you have something for when people visit your profile.

Twitter is a perfect example of this.

You don’t even need to set up a fancy sales page. You can simply tell people to message you for more information and collect payment from them.

3. Collect Data and Make a Decision

If people are messaging you and paying for your QVO then you know you have a winner.

The next step would be to create your QVO.

However, if nobody is messaging you or nobody is buying then what do you do?

If you believe your QVO has potential then you need to change your messaging. Try something else.

Instead of doing a complete pivot, it’s possible that your messaging isn’t resonating with your audience. Maybe it’s not clear enough or the outcome is specific enough.

Create another post and repeat the same steps.

You do this until you do find a QVO that works with your desired audience.

4. Create Your QVO

After you do get some people to pay for your QVO then there is no turning back!

Set a date and host a live version of it. Make sure you record it!

Once you’re done you now have something that you can sell as an evergreen offer. This means it’s always available to purchase.

Test Before Commitment

Unless you’re 100% certain you know your audience and have a perfect offer for what they want, there is no reason for you to commit weeks or months working on an offer that could flop.

Instead, create a QVO that allows you to quickly test before committing to it.

I do this often with my email list where I’ll tell them I have an idea for an offer and if they want it, they can get it at a special price.

If people buy it then I know I need to create it.

If they don’t then that idea never existed.

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