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Odd Noodle Challenges

Next Challenge: 5 days to create your book

Buying an Odd Noodle product means you get the information that you need to succeed. But some people need more than just information.

They need accountability. A push.


This is where Odd Noodle Challenges come into play. They are 1-5 day challenges that will push you to accomplish something that you need to build your 6 or 7-figure digital product business.

Consider them guided tours of our products to truly help you push through and get things done.

The Next Challenge Begins December 11th

We love creating books to fill out our digital product portfolio and with The 12-Hour eBook Method, we make it as simple as possible.

But you know what can help you get it done? Time constraints.

So in this Challenge, we will create an ebook in 5 days. That includes researching the topic and getting it done so it can get out the door.

To access this Challenge you must purchase (or have purchased) one of the following offers: