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Build Your Business to $2,000 a Month and Then the Real Fun Starts

There is a place that you want to go. You can see it and everyone tells you that it’s possible to get there.

Some are even kind enough to give you a map. A map seems like it would be helpful.

But as you begin to follow the map you notice something. This map wasn’t made for you. This map has you scaling a mountain but you aren’t a mountain climber.

So you try another map. As you follow it you notice the same thing. This map isn’t made for you. You don’t want to swim 7 miles across the channel.

You’re frustrated because the place you want to go doesn’t leave your sight. You see it even when your eyes are closed. And every day you show up to the same spot with people telling you that you just need to do this thing or that.

You’ve tried.

It’s frustrating because you’re taking steps but you might as well be taking them on a treadmill.

What can you do?

You Need Your Own Map

Let’s face it, what you’re trying to do isn’t unique.

Everyone is trying to build a business.

But what is unique is your set of circumstances. Your knowledge, skills, and life are unique to you.

The question then becomes how you package all those things into a vehicle you can build your business around. You don’t need someone else’s map.

You need your own.

But can’t you follow a course? You most definitely can. I have courses that are open-ended for a reason. They are meant to show you the frameworks to follow while you put the pieces in place.

However, I also understand that some people want more. They want a guide that is with them that can help them navigate their unique roadblocks.

That is me.

The Offer

I’m going to help you create your own map and then walk with you as we go along it.

It doesn’t matter if you want to do coaching, a course, a book, or some other type of offer. I’ll be your guide to making it successful.

Now, this is a big task. I’m supposed to tell you that there is one specific way to go about things but over the past 20 years I’ve built online businesses in a number of different ways.

The core component of serving your audience is always the same, but the delivery is often different.

Some people are great with words while others excel on video. Some have absolutely no idea where to begin while others are already on the road.

This is more than coaching. This is your temporary co-founder helping you get out of your own way.

How It Works

We’ll get started with a kick-off call. Don’t worry, I’m fun to talk to and you don’t even have to show your face if you don’t want to.

On the call, we will lay out your goals, what you want to do, and how we’re going to achieve everything.

From there we will have either monthly or bi-monthly calls depending on your progress. Along the way you can email me at any time and of course, I’ll constantly be monitoring your progress.

What’s the goal?

Money. Pretty simple.

More specifically, building your business to $2,000 a month.

Being a Creator means you make money so you can continue to create. We aren’t aiming for X followers or Y subscribers. Why not?

Someone might have a $2,000 coaching offer and can reach a monetary goal with 20 followers while someone else might start with a $50 workshop and need a slightly bigger audience.

Remember, this is your own map. Not someone else’s.

A Unique Guarantee

After 8 months, your business will be making $2,000 a month.

Now, in the big scheme of things, $2,000 isn’t a lot of money. You’ll be wanting to make more, but getting to $2,000 a month means you can get to whatever other number you want down the road.

Shouldn’t I be able to help you get to $2,000 in 90 days? It’s very possible, but again, everyone is different. There are too many variables involved to say that every single person can reach that number in 2-3 months.

But everyone should have no problem reaching it in 8 months.

And what happens if you don’t?

You’ll get 100% of your money back.

No loopholes. No gotchas.

Just work with me until the end of the year and if your business doesn’t reach $2,000 a month, you’ll get the money sent back to you with no questions asked.

The only requirement is that you’re willing to put in 8 months’ worth of effort.

What’s Required of You

I’ve done this a couple of times over the years and I’ve come to understand who this does and doesn’t work for.

You shouldn’t even think about this if:

  • This is your last $2,000
  • Your partner isn’t on board with it
  • You want to take off for 60 days
  • You don’t like feedback
  • You don’t want to put yourself out there in front of an audience

You should think about this if:

  • You know you want to build a life of freedom
  • You don’t know what it is, but there is something telling you that you’re meant to do this
  • You have no problem doing quick experiments
  • You’re willing to change direction once you start to get data telling you to do so
  • You don’t have a ceiling for how much you want to grow

But let’s talk more about what I’ll do for you.

What Else I’ll Do

I’ll help you create your Feel Good Funnels and ensure that you have the right systems in place that will allow you to focus on engaging with your Customers.

I’ll make sure your sales page copy is tight and that you know exactly what emails to send.

And your offers? I’ll make sure those are the type that gets Customers telling their friends to jump on.

So Let’s Recap

I will help you build your Creator-led (that’s you) business to $2,000 a month and if we don’t reach that level by the end of month 8, you’ll receive all of your money back.

I will help with your offers, funnels, and content strategy.

You will become a known person in your niche (yes, even if you are a Niche of one, you’re still under some type of big niche).

You will look back at the past 8 months as a blur and be amazed at how much you’ve grown personally.

We will celebrate with champagne (or sparkling grape juice) when all is said and done.

And what happens if you reach $2,000 a month before the end of the year? Then we keep going.

You’re stuck with me for the next 8 months.

What Now?

If you’ve gotten this far then that means there is a decision to make.

First, you need to know if you have the $2,000 this costs. If not, please don’t sweat it and think you’re screwed as this opportunity passes you by.

There is a reason I write a ton of stuff on my site and social media. I’m here to help you in some way no matter what.

But if you feel this is a perfect fit for you then you can click the button below to secure your spot.

This is limited to 2 spots only. I’m not going to pretend that I can spread my time to 20 people.

If you have ANY type of questions, like “Is this really for me?“, then please do not hesitate to email me at