The Creativity x 30 Challenge I

You’re supposed to create content. You’re supposed to tell stories. You’re supposed to show your personality. You’re supposed to do it consistently.

People like me tell you to do these things and it’s often easier said than done.

So I figured, let’s make it a tiny bit easier by making it a Challenge.

The 30 x Creativity Challenge gives you 30 days of prompts (not AI prompts silly) and tips to build a consistent content creation habit.

You’ll be a part of a group with others who are also focused on creating content every single day.

Scratch that.

You’ll be part of a group that is focused on creating meaningful content every single day.

And it’s free.

The goal is not only fine tune your creative muscles, but to get content out there that brings your uniqueness to the table. No formulas. No frameworks.

Just you and the fun things that come to mind.