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The MRR Digital Marketing Pyramid Scheme

Let’s talk about the MRR Digital Marketing Pyramid Scheme. First, is it a pyramid scheme?

On the surface, MRR digital marketing is not a pyramid scheme, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. The problem with a lot of MRR courses is the marketing behind them.

They lead you to believe that buying an MRR course and reselling it is an easy path to wealth when it couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of MRR marketing revolves around the fact that you can make a lot of money in a short period of time.

This is where things get shady.

Because people are desperate to start making money online (I totally get it) they want to find what they believe are the easiest solutions to make money. Then when they see someone make an income claim (a lot of them are lying) it’s easy to envision themselves in that same place.

They want to be the person that makes $10,000 in the first 2 weeks and how hard can it be? If they were convinced to buy the course which made the person they’re buying from some money, then it only makes sense that they can do the same thing.

But is it easy to get someone to spend $500 on something they aren’t sure about? No.

Think about it. You’re brand new to this and you buy a MRR course. They tell you that all of the information that you need to succeed is within the course but then all you see are people trying to sell the course.

So maybe that’s the approach that you need to take?

You hop on social media and start telling people that wealth is nothing more than a couple of clicks away but nobody buys on that first day.

You’re now in your 6th month and nobody has bought yet. It’s frustrating. But is the problem you or is there a problem with the course?

The MRR Digital Marketing Pyramid Scheme: The Echo Chamber

Let’s do this. Picture that you’re walking down a street and there is this cool looking building. People are trying to get you to go into the building and after a couple of times of passing it by you decide to walk.

There are only a few people inside and one of them comes up to you and tells you about this amazing offer. It sounds great so you buy it.

As you get ready to leave the building you’re told you can’t leave. This seems kind of weird, but whatever it doesn’t matter because the next person that comes into the building you’re going to come up to them and tell them about the offer.

But you’re not the only one doing this.

Soon enough you have a building full of people all trying to sell the same offer to the people walking into the building.

Finally, you find a way to escape the building and you try to tell people outside of the building about the offer but they aren’t hearing it. It feels like the only people interested are those that walk into the building.

mrr digital marketing pyramid scheme

You might think that this is nothing like digital marketing but thanks to how algorithms work this is exactly how digital marketing is. Most people aren’t interested in MRR so most people might see a post on it and when they don’t engage the algorithms figures they don’t care.

But the few people who do engage are then led down a path where 1000s of people are all saying the same thing.

The same message for the same offers and now you have to be the ONE person they choose to buy from. If you aren’t then what happens?

Can you compete with the people who have mastered the art of manipulation and already have huge followings?

Probably not.

So what happens is that you get people doing what the above screenshot shows. They buy another MRR course in the hopes that they can sell that before anyone else does.

This really starts to screw up your mindset.

The Damage of MRR Digital Marketing

I’m not sure I have to say it but I’ll say it anyways. Building an online business is not a scam or a pyramid scheme.

Business is business. It’s been around since the dawn of time and it will be around long after we pass.

The problem with MRR Digital Marketing is that it ruins the potential of a lot of people who stand a chance of being good with online business. I build online businesses and I’ve been doing it for a while.

Because of that I have different expectations than what a lot of people who fall for the MRR digital marketing pyramid scheme do.

For example, it can take time for something to happen in your business, but patience isn’t the only thing. Being patient just to be patient doesn’t make much sense.

You have to be doing the right things if you want any chance of making money online. Does selling the exact same course as everyone else by saying the exact same things as them feel like the right way?

You might know because you haven’t done this before but I can tell you that it isn’t.

Again, there is nothing wrong with wanting to make money but the best way to make money in the long term is by taking your time to help people. But how can you help people when you know nothing about any of this stuff and instead are telling them to buy the thing that you want them to buy?

It’s like your fake best friend that always comes around only when they want money.

What have they done for you? Nothing. Nothing at all.

The Problem with Master Resell Rights

I’m going to talk about the non-obvious problem with Master Resell Rights that I don’t see being brought up enough.

Let’s say you create a course that has the Master Resell Rights license attached to it. This feels like a smart thing to do because then lots of people will sell your offer.

But what happens when dozens or hundreds of people are selling your offer so people stop buying from you? Now you’re paying out ALL of your money while having to support all of the new people.

This is like having a cookout, letting everyone else sell tickets to it, they keep all of the money, and now you gotta feed all of the people.

How long are you going to keep on working to feed the people?

This means you have a network of people selling tickets to something that isn’t going to be sustainable unless the main person can continue to sell tickets.

What does this have to do with the person who bought an MRR course and is now reselling it? They’re reselling something that business-wise wise doesn’t make sense for long-term value.

Some people are okay with that because they just want the money. If that’s all you want then you wouldn’t be reading this post.

The False Hope of Patience

Do you know what most people tell each other when they say they are about to quit? People hop into the comments telling them that they can’t quit. They need to keep going.

None of these people have found success either but if they see someone else quit then that starts to make them believe their world is going to end as well.

There has to be a belief that if you simply wait around long enough that money will eventually come. You don’t have to do the right things, you just have to wait.

More people are quitting and saying nothing than there are people who find even a small hint of success.

What About the Course Material?

You might’ve noticed by now that we haven’t talked about the course material and that’s for a good reason. Nobody really talks about the course material in a way that makes you understand everything that’s in it.

The people who try their hardest to resell these things have no idea if the course material is good or not in a way that will help others succeed. They can say it’s good and they can say it’s thorough but where has that gotten them?

And that’s one of the big problems. Almost all of the marketing is around how much money you can make. It’s meant to build on the dreams and aspirations that people have and it works because we love outcomes.

But what happens once you start on the journey toward your Desired Outcome? What problems does it solve?

And there is irony in someone who sells courses and books to help you build an online business talking about this stuff. It could seem that I have no right to because it could feel like I’m trying to stamp out the competition.

But MRR products aren’t my competition because they aren’t my audience. This site that you’re on now has as much content as all of the MRR courses put together.

I have no problem helping people. Do I talk about building something that gets you to $300+ days? Most definitely because you need to see what’s possible.

But after that, we dive right in to see how to make them happen in a niche that you love.

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