Who Is the Hero and Why They Will Make You Rich

When trying to build any type of online business it can be easy to get distracted on who you want to help. Help?

I thought this was about making money!

And believe us it is. The problem that many people face is that they try to help too many people and because of that they don’t get the attention of anyone.

This is why we focus on one person that we call the Hero.

Why do we call them the Hero? Well, you can thank good ol’ Joseph Campbell for that.

The Hero’s Journey

In 1949, Joseph Campbell wrote a book called The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Within the book, he outlined what is known as the Hero’s Journey.

The premise behind the Hero’s Journey is that every great story follows it and it’s a great framework for storytelling.

However, it’s also a great framework for building a business.

How so?

Your Customer Goes Through a Journey

We don’t just wake up wanting to buy something. Before we buy anything we are going about our lives until something pushes us to take action. In this case, maybe it’s hitting Google looking for an answer.

We come across a number of different results and maybe they are unsatisfactory. Then we go to social media and follow some people.

One of them eventually becomes our mentor. The person we look up to with regard to a particular topic.

They help us along the Journey until we hit a point where we have to make a choice. Do we buy their thing or not?

After we buy their amazing offer, some of us will go through it, do the work, and transform. Our past selves die so our new selves can be born.

We continue the Journey until we return home.

A Lot of Little Journeys

It’s easy to think that this must mean we go through one big Journey but that isn’t the case. Marketing is moving people along a lot of smaller iterations of this Journey. It’s part of the Infinite Funnel that we have to put people through to find success with our businesses.

For example, we have no idea what part of the Journey you’re on when you’re reading this. Maybe you have no idea if you want to start a business or you already have one and need to set up a better funnel.

Either way, you’re going through multiple Hero Journeys along the way and that requires us to have different types of content ready for you as you move along.

Those who get really good at this can make a lot of money online. But as you can imagine, this isn’t a simple 3-month thing. This is something you must continue to do over the lifetime of your business.

Implementing the Hero’s Journey in Your Business

It’s important to view the Hero’s Journey as a strategy and then there are many different ways to implement it through tactics.

Over the years we’ve tried many different tactics to implement it and this also means that our students can apply it in an easy way.

We’ve put together our simple plan in what we call the Odd Noodle Playbook that you can check out for free.

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