How to Use TikTok

TikTok feels like one of the social media platforms that you should be on. But how does it work? Well, here is how to use TikTok the right way.

The Attention Economy

What is the Attention Economy and why does it matter for Creators? If you can understand the different types of attention then you have a chance of winning.

The OPQ Content Framework

You can waste your time creating content that doesn’t do anything or you can spend time creating content that has a job. This is what the OPQ Framework helps you with.


How doing amazing things for others allows you to make more money and avoid the trap of forced selling.

The Infinite Business

It’s easy to chase the money online, but chasing trends with business will only leave you in a constant state of chase. That’s why I build Infinite Businesses.

Competition Is for Losers

It’s easy to think that it’s a smart thing to enter a niche with some competition. But that isn’t true. Here’s why competition is for losers and how to avoid it.