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How to Grab the Right Attention In Today’s Social Media World

Going on social media today sucks.

And that’s a good thing.

Every day you see the exact same content. Maybe it’s being said a different way but it’s still the same content.

Everyone is vying for your attention, but they are using all of the same techniques, tactics, and templates.

  • How many giveaways do you need to scroll past?
  • How many times do you need to see “…but 99% of people don’t know how to use it?”

It’s boring.

No, not for everyone. A majority like that stuff. That’s why it keeps hitting your feed.

Which can make you feel like you need to do the same because this is an Attention Economy, right?

It is but more specifically it’s about getting the right attention from the right people.

And that’s the trap social media lures you in with.

Everyone talks about how to gain 10,000 followers in 60 months which looks fun. It also makes you think that if you get those 10,000 followers then you’ll get more money.

But there is a reason why people can have 50,000 followers and talk about how they’re making $8,000 a month.

I know that sounds good to you but think about it another way.

50,000 people follow you.

You’re making $0.16 a month per follower.

Yet there are people with 2,000 followers that can do $10,000 a month ($5/follower).

What’s the difference?

The attention.

You Want Superfans

Look, I get it. Money is money.

If you can scale to 100,000 followers and make $20,000 a month then that sounds good and I agree with you.

My point is that you don’t need to wait until you hit 100k followers to make that kind of money.

Besides, that’s going to take you a long time and if it’s going to take time to build an audience then you might as well spend it building the right one.

You want an audience of Superfans.

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