Setting Up Your WordPress Site for Creators

As I mention in the video, my favorite theme to use is GeneratePress. There are a ton of wonderful themes for WordPress, but I’ve found that for me GeneratePress is the easiest to work with.

Website Hosting

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of hosting options. I use a custom setup that uses DigitalOcean servers with SpinupWP managing the WordPress sites.

But that’s a bit more complicated than most people need so something like SiteGround should work just fine for your first year.


While I haven’t used it I’ve heard a number of great things about Webflow. I can’t compare it to the different uses I need for my sites, but it’s definitely something to check out.

Here's How You Build a 6-Figure Business With the 3 Engine Framework

In today's world, it's not enough to simply know how to create a digital product.

You need to know the whole system to make your business flourish.

This is why you build a Full Stack Engine. Not only because you need a system that you can maximize, but also a system that allows you to walk away when you need.

Because while the money is great, freedom is better.

And true freedom arrives when you have all 3 business engines running on their own.