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Building a Creator Business

So by now, we should be in agreement with why a business succeeds. Now we need to figure out the HOW of things.

How do you build a successful creator business that offers you the desire you crave?

To understand that, we need to go back to the basics.

Let’s bring back the formula.

Audience x Offer = $$$$$

The quality of each variable dictates how much money you make.

A high-quality offer that does what it says will get more people talking about it.

A high-quality audience filled with people ready for a solution makes it easier to sell without selling.

With these two things in mind, it should be easy to see why a lot of the tactics being spouted today don’t work very well in the long term.

So what we need is a system that does a number of things:

  1. Creates content meant for the right people
  2. Alerts those people to the fact that you’re there to help
  3. Generates money in a way that makes you feel good and without you having to be around 24/7

Remember the formula above?

#1 & #2 take care of that.

#3 is about the offer(s) that you have.

We can see have the barebones needed to make this online business thing work.

Create content that alerts the right people that we have a solution for them and then show them the solution.

Shortcuts Are Short-Term

There are many ways to implement that and unfortunately, most creators go for the short-term version.

  1. Write a basic tweet
  2. Link the offer
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 10x a day for 6 months

On pure volume, this can work, but it has problems.

It doesn’t lead to a loyal audience. Superfans are rarely created this way.

It doesn’t feel good and at some point, you have to do it all over again but just another way.

So what do we do?

Create a Flywheel Funnel.

Fun Flywheel Funnels

You’re in a Flywheel Funnel right now.

This is where you give people the content that they need to level up in some way, but instead of making them wait for more, you send them to the next phase.

But this doesn’t always happen on the medium they are on now.

For example, you’re reading this on the site. Once you’re done you’ll be sent to a Silent Sales Page. And on that page you might decide you want to sign up for the newsletter.

That newsletter will reference more blog posts and Tweets that will continue to help you level up.

This flywheel continues forever. There is no end to it because the growth of your customer never ends.

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