Odyssey Referral Fun

We want you to have fun referring people to the Odyssey. So we’re making it a contest.

In every welcome email for every person that signs up for the Odyssey, we’re including a form for them to fill out so that we can learn a little about them including who referred them.

We’re going to track those names and the person with the most referrals is getting a t-shirt.

Yup, a freshly pressed, Odd Noodle t-shirt.

Not just any t-shirt. This will be a one of kind, completely unique to you Odd Noodle t-shirt. Meaning NOBODY else in the world will have this t-shirt. Not even us.

So, while you’re telling all of your friends, family, and followers about the Odyssey make sure to tell them that you want that t-shirt so they better fill out the form and give us your email as their referrer.

If you are an affiliate for Odd Noodle, you will be using your affiliate link (log into your affiliate dashboard here) to share with people to sign up for the Odyssey so that if and when your referrals DO make a purchase, that will be tracked because they will have used your affiliate link.

HOWEVER, that is only tracked once a purchase is made. In order for us to keep track for the t-shirt contest, we need them to fill out the form that will be in the welcome email with your name as referrer.

(Note: If you aren’t an affiliate yet be sure to sign up there.)

Make sense?

Good luck!

But, But, But, Money

A t-shirt is great and I really wish that we could all have one, but a contest is a contest. What other incentives are there?

Well, the main one for some of you will be money. You know the quality that we put out so when people go through this Odyssey they will be presented with some of our offers ONCE it’s complete.

We aren’t going to interrupt their experience to try and sell them something. That goes against everything that we’re about.

However, at the end they will be presented with a couple of our $1,000+ programs. Those that make it through the Odyssey have a wonderful chance of converting which puts a nice chunk of change in your hands.

Also, ALL Odd Noodle offers will have 50% commissions attached to them in the month of August.

If that’s your kind of thing.

We’ve also put together a small resources sheet for you to help you with some ideas. You can find it here.