Odd Noodle Working At Home

I love working at home, especially now that I’ve finally settled into a real office.

There’s where I spend most of my time when I’m working.

I didn’t start with a nice big desk in a real office with a door on it. I started at the kitchen counter. Then the dining room. Then when I finally realized this whole “work at home” thing wasn’t a fluke, we had a wall put up in our living room and I now have an official office.

It’s tiny and navy blue and it is my favorite spot in the house.

That’s the little green couch that my kids sit on when they want to chat or need help with Math.

Usually the dog is sitting on the couch, too, but taking pictures was too much action for her today. She left me.

And my to do list wall. Or, my “never done & never done” wall. With a special note from my amazing daughter, which she wrote completely unprompted. That is not staged, she’s just that awesome of a child.

Here’s the view of Scrivs’ office you don’t see in his videos:

It’s a bit of chaos right now, but he redecorates on a loop. As soon as you think he’s “done”, he starts over.

He’s surrounded by little living things. The fish, the plants and usually a couple of dogs, too.

And that’s Stephen’s office. Pretty snazzy for someone who just moved into a new place a month ago.

And here are a bunch of Odd Noodle members and their workspaces:

If you missed our previous days chat, you can check it out here:

Ok, your turn! Are you working from home? Do you have a dream office space? Be honest, how often do you work from bed? Let us talk about it in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Odd Noodle Working At Home”

  1. I started working from home in late March and then the company put me in forlaugh and then sent me on vacation on May. I got laid off in June, but in all that time I was working in myself (courses, online classes, books, videos, everything I could find to reinvent myself).

    I have a desk, laptop, printer and I hanged a whiteboard on the wall with messages to inspire me and keep my focus. I have 2 kids ( 4 and 7) so that whiteboard is also space for them to draw.

    My to-do list is in tiny recycled papers because I love to scratch what is done! I learned to put goals to myself that are attainable within the week… otherwise I was feeling stuck and unmotivated.

    • I love scratching things off lists, too! So satisfying. And I love having a little space for my kids to come in and hang out for a few minutes. Mine are older 13 and 16, so I soak every minute they feel like hanging around with me!


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