Hi. This Is Odd Noodle Kitchen.

You have a curiosity streak in you.

That’s why we made the Odd Noodle Kitchen.

Sometimes when you’re working on your own business, it can feel like you have blinders on as you wonder what is everyone else actually doing?

The Odd Noodle Kitchen will satisfy that curiosity with behind the scenes videos of business planning, product launches, goals assessments and whatever other craziness we cook up.

We also talk about our own struggles. In the Odd Noodle Kitchen, you get the good, the bad and the ugly. Because that’s real.

Thanks for this, it’s really useful for me. I started pushing with my ad revenue engine around same time as you did with Bogoten. As you were going through all of the GA data, I compared it to mine. Was really helpful in keeping me motivated that my numbers so far are actually okay. I was worrying myself before ‘I need to grow faster’ and thought I must be doing stuff wrong but now this puts my mind at rest :). Thanks again

– Carla V.

I’m glad you shared this because I think it’s so common to have fluctuations in your confidence as you’re growing a business. It helps to see how you decided to set boundaries when you could tell your studying was infiltrating too much. Great insight.

-Tiffany D.

This was a really good video. I like the fact that you two are realistic about your business goals and what’s working or otherwise. I miss being on Slack so much but having access to this course has been awesome. I’ve been able to go through the videos again and pick up on some things I may have missed the first time around. Thanks.

-Stephanie S.

Love the authenticity you guys have when you’re talking about your business goals, how you want to help us, and keep your conscience in tact on your success journey. I really appreciate that. Thanks for sharing your vision.

-Keoina M.

But what’s the point of watching someone else’s struggles and successes? Why does it matter for you?

There’s a couple of reasons.

One is you’ll get a sense of validation as you watch and go, “OK, yes, that’s what I’m doing, too, I’m on the right path“. Or, “Ok, these guys struggle with staying accountable to their goals. I’m not the only one“. Or you might be saying, “Whoops, nope, I’m not doing that and I probably should. I’ll switch it up“.

It’s like peeking over your neighbor’s shoulder in Chemistry in 11th grade just to check and see if you’re on the right track.

But in the Odd Noodle Kitchen there are also videos that breakdown specific tactics, like, “My Daily Pinning Routine” and “Product Launch Post Mortem“.

It’s information that you have if you have our courses, but presented in a format that shows what the theory looks like in practice. And how we experiment with it.

Ok, But What Exactly Is In the Odd Noodle Kitchen? And Are There Snacks Involved?

Season 1 of the Odd Noodle Kitchen has over 60 videos (and counting) that cover topics like product launches, business goals, money (yes, actual amounts earned from product launches), funnels, Facebook ads, Pinterest and business mindset.

It’s kind of a lot. And it’s not “here are the steps to launch a product”. It’s “this is exactly what we’re doing for this particular product launch. This is what went really well and this where we had an opportunity to do better”.

Here’s an example.

A recent launch of Blog Simple Framework is covered over a series of videos discussing the sales funnels, strategy and then finally the launch.

We published those videos. We launched the product and looked at each other and said, “Well, this better go well“.

And then we did a post mortem on what actually did go well and where we knew we needed to improve.

There’s even a comments/discussion section so you can interact and ask questions as we take you along on this journey.

And it’s B.Y.O.S (bring your own snacks). 🙂

Pricing ($47 Every 3 Months)

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ are great for entertainment.

But this is all learning and it’s always being filled with new content.

It’s a quarterly subscription of just $47.

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What’s Inside

Because we run a number of different brands we break up the videos by brand. That way you can jump into the development of whichever brand that you want.

Season 1 covers:

  • Makers Mob
  • Dare to Conquer
  • Blog Simple Framework
  • Bogoten
  • Dare to Capture

Season 2 (starting April 1) covers:

  • Odd Noodle
  • Blog Simple Framework
  • Seek the Offer
  • Bogoten
  • Dare to Capture
  • Pocket Business
  • Pocket Tribe
  • Mind the Hero

Pocket Business School ($97 Value)

By subscribing to Odd Noodle Kitchen, you’ll also gain access to Pocket Business School.

What’s that?

Small business lessons and case studies to help get your mind focused on the essentials for starting, running, and succeeding with an online business.

Pocket Tribe YouTube Course ($497 value)

A new lesson dripped out every single day until the course is finished. You get immediate access when you sign up.

Slack Community ($297 Value)

You’ll also get access to the Odd Noodle Slack Community where you can talk with other Odd Noodles like us. Have a direct question for Scrivs?

Don’t hesitate to ask him!

Want to ask the community a question?

Don’t hesitate to ask them!

Sample Videos

We won’t leave you hanging wondering why kind of videos you’ll find in the kitchen.

So here are just a couple of the 70+ videos you’ll find in Odd Noodle Kitchen that gives you a true look behind the scenes of what we’re doing.

Who Exactly Are We?

Oh, hey!

That’s me, Marybeth, Community Manager for the Odd Noodle Family. When I’m not in our Slack community, you know, managing things, I’m doing other fun things like writing for Bogoten, one of the blogs we’re growing that you’ll see featured in The Odd Noodle Kitchen and sometimes Scrivs lets me write Sales Pages.

Because that’s my idea of fun.

And that’s Scrivs. You know him. He’s got ideas for days and I like to pretend to try to reign them in and keep us on task, but I secretly love the insanity of a constantly evolving business, too.

This is Stephen. Scrivs’s brother. He’s also building his own thing and sharing it with you. He’s a lot nicer than Scrivs as well.

Look closely at those faces because if you decide to join The Odd Noodle Kitchen, you’re going to be seeing a lot of us.

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