Odd Noodles Create Their Own Economy

The goal is pretty simple.

Utilize the fantastic things that make you odd and turn those into assets to create your own economy.

What does that mean?

It means building a life where you get to choose what you want to do instead of what the people around you think you should be doing.

Ready to Get Started?

There are a lot of different ways to start creating your own economy and while we don’t talk about all of them, we do talk about the ones that we’ve found success with.

That means you have options. And options are important.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or you’ve been playing this game for a while, we have something for you.

Phase 0: Where to Start

This is when you have no idea what is even possible. You see other people making money online, but you aren’t even sure about where to begin.

Don’t worry because we have you covered in this FREE workshop.

We’ll go over how Creators are creating their own economy and what might be the best path for you.

Phase 1: The Path

Digital Products

Digital products have one huge advantage.

They are infinitely scalable.

Create once, sell twice.


Want to get started making money online by getting free stuff and creating videos?

Then becoming a UGC Creator is a great place to start.


Blogging isn’t dead, it’s just different.

Having a blog opens the door to a ton of opportunities if you do things the right way.

Phase 2: Growing Your Audience

Customer Content Blueprint

Anyone can create content on social media.

But to create content that builds customers requires an understanding of the Customer Journey and the 5 P’s of Content.

Find out what all of this means.

TikTok Accelerator

Think TikTok is only for dancers?

It’s not and it’s become one of the most influential social networks around.

But conquering it can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here is how you can make TikTok one of your strongest growth channels.

Phase 3: The System

Feel Good Funnels

The point isn’t to work non-stop. The point is freedom and you can only gain it once you have systems in place that do the selling for you.

Feel Good Funnels shows you how to set up infinite funnels that sell your offers 24/7.

The Odd Noodle Collective

How is it possible to teach all of these things? It’s pretty easy when you’re a collective.

We’re a group of Creators that have found our own paths to building successful businesses and instead of trying to pull people into our separate worlds, we saw that it only made sense to show Creators as many paths as possible.

So we joined forces.

Paul Scrivens

Marybeth Santos

Stephen Scrivens