The Odd Noodle Affiliate Guide

Hello! You’re here because you either want to be or already an affiliate for Odd Noodle.

If you’ve purchased any of our products then you’re eligible to be an affiliate. Simply click this link to join.

All products payout 30% with a 360-day cookie.

The Affiliate Dashboard

The Landing Pages

Here is an overview of the different landing pages that you can send people to and who we think would fit best within them.

All pages lead to the same mailing list and open the doors for all Odd Noodle products. So if someone signs up for the Blogging Master Workshop but purchases The Offer Map, you’ll still get credit.

Blog Simple Framework Master Workshop

This workshop goes over the best approach to starting a blog and works well for people that are looking to get into blogging or feel like they are stuck.

Blog Simple Guide

A full guide to blogging. Perfect for people looking to get into blogging.

Bogoten Case Study

A case study for our home decor blog showing the world what we’re doing to grow it and how well things are moving.

The $5,000-Day Case Study

Perfect those that want to understand how to build an online business and the opportunity of creating digital products.

The Pocket Business Handbook

Great for anyone that just wants to get introduced into building an online business. This extensive handbook will show that we mean business here at Odd Noodle.

The Pocket Tribe Guide

Best for those people looking to grow some type of Tribe (mailing list, YouTube, Instagram, etc.).